*Must Watch* Stephen Walters’ Ditty For Claire   11 comments

Here’s a great song, Stephen Walters’ posted yesterday on his twitter. 


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11 responses to “*Must Watch* Stephen Walters’ Ditty For Claire

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  1. Is beautiful!!!

  2. That was awesome.

  3. Can this be incorporated into the show?

  4. The show won’t be the same without you, miss you, miss you, miss you!!!!

  5. What a lovely song. He is quite the singer, composer, and guitarist. Blessings. . .

  6. That was so beautiful. Thank you for that. We miss you.

  7. How truly lovely and so sweet!

  8. How lovely! I miss you already Angus!

  9. Stephen, your song is beautiful. Miss you on the series. Good thoughts for your future going your way. 😀

  10. beautiful! Thank you!

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