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Hello all,

I wanted to quickly address what’s going on with the screencaps and other media that we post on our site, and why our screencaps had to go up later than normal. We recently reached our maximum upload limit on our site. So, we had to make a decision: either pay for the next WordPress upgrade/plan or pay to transfer our site to our own web hosting service. In the long run, we decided to pay for the next WordPress upgrade/plan because it would cost us less money overall. We’re always trying to save money any way we can, but still give you all the best possible content and user experience. With that being said, it was still rather expensive to upgrade our site. So, we’re asking for you help.

Over the past 2 years that we’ve had this site, you all have been rather remarkable and have donated quite a lot to us. And every single penny you donated has gone towards maintaining this website. It has gone towards paying for our domain name, paying for storage upgrades, paying for giveaway prizes, paying for posters and other goodies to give out when we saw you at premieres or other events. We’ve also put a lot of our own money, blood, sweat and tears into this site, because we care about it and we care about you.

Therefore, we are coming to you once again. We need your help. If you can donate to us, to our site, to this passion project that has grown far beyond what any of us expected, we would be so unbelievably thankful, words would not be able to describe it. We have always been thankful for all of you and that will never change. No matter what happens, this site will always persevere, and if we can get help along the way, we will kindly and graciously accept it.

Thanks for being awesome,

The Outlander Online Team

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  1. What does it cost to maintain the site for 1 year?

  2. if funds to cover the heart surgery for the beautiful dog in outlander france can be raised in 2 days, perhaps you can do the same with gofund of course terry matched funds, but the fans can still assist without that surely. I for one, cant live without your site.

  3. Do you have a Paypal account set up?

    • If you click the donate button in our sidebar on the left, it’ll take you to our PayPal account. But I saw that you donated, so I guess you figured it out 🙂

  4. Glad to help…big time..tell me how to make it happen!!

  5. I’m glad to help! Tell me how !!!! I’m in Texas & haven’t been to any events other than one or two in Austin, so you have been so great to be my one of my favorite sites for my favorite books/show/community!!!


    Susie’s iPhone


    Golda Susie Krumholz
  6. Yes… PayPal?

  7. Just want to confirm. It’s about $300 USD per year to keep your site running. Is that correct? TY.

  8. Let us know how much you need and where we can send a check!! LOVE this site and count on it for all things Outlander!
    It’s a priceless service, and I am willing to help!!

    Just tell us where to send a check.

    Heather MacDonald
    • Thank you so much!!! You can actually donate money to our PayPal. The donate button is on the left at the top of our sidebar.

  9. I happily donate as I love what you do and appreciate all the work, time and effort that goes into making this site what it is.

  10. Ok just donated it didn’t show a confirmation will check for email thanks so much for all you do it is appreciated

    Denise Frederick
  11. PayPal donation sent ! Thanks for doing a great job and keeping Outlander fan update on everything show related.

  12. Sorry it I couldn’t do more ! unfortunately $20.00 USD = $26.30 CDN Hopefully if we all contribute some small amt we will be OK thx for all you do! jj

  13. Erin, What site do we donate to? Please advise.

  14. If there is any other way besides PayPal, please let me know. I’m not a fan of the PayPal.

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