“Vengeance is Mine” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*   25 comments


What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments!

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

25 responses to ““Vengeance is Mine” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. I think Diana’s rhythm is perfect. She should write more episodes. Knows the characters and can extract the details necessary to move the story forward. Love when she throws in some humor in the middle of a dramatic moment, that’s where she shines!

  2. Agree, Kathleen. It would be wonderful if she could write more! Really enjoyed the pace of this episode. Kept moving along! Loved the scene where Jamie was speaking In Gaelic to Claire in bed. This is the romance I’ve been missing, and it is straight from the book. Wonderful episode!

  3. Holy moly – that scene between Jamie and Claire broke my heart because as a book reader, of course, I know what is coming. That has to be one of the best scenes between the two of them all season. Very similar to the scene of Jamie with the baby. Great episode. Loved it. Can’t wait to hear from others.

  4. Great episode. No wonder I forgot Diana wrote it. Back was the humor I missed so much. Loved Jamie and Murdoch discussing Claire’s Gaelic in the letter. It made me sad when Jamie said he will have to teach her knowing what’s coming. Murdock was adorable when he said she didn’t even write help correctly. The Duke of S was fantastic. So many emotions in one episode. All actors were on top of their game. Dougal did seem a little off some how. Not sure exactly what it is. Some of it must be intentional leading up to his ultimate demise. His emotions come out of no where to make him look desperate but It doesn’t seem real for me. Otherwise, exceptional episode.

  5. Dougal is desperate to be a player and have access to the Prince but he has no men because Colum remains neutral. I thought the humor in this Ep was sooo Diana!

  6. Really great episode but I don’t think anyone is surprised I mean she did create this world right. I don’t consider myself a book purist, the only issue I’ve had have been the Laoghaire changes, but now that they’ve let Rupert live a bit longer is it bad for me to hope they bring Murtagh along for the ride in 3&4 lol. I really love that character and Duncan does an amazing job. In this episode I especially loved that the humor was back, Fergus/Rupert Jaime/ Rupert it was great. And it’s sick but I really looked forward to Sandringham getting the chop lol

  7. I have seen it twice now and I have to say it didn’t WOW me. A good first effort at writing a screenplay for DG but I could tell it is not her forte yet, not like her narratives in the novels. However it is her story line and dialogue that appears later, even if somewhat altered.

    I Loved the scene where Jaime whispers to Claire in Gaelic and the tenderness he shows towards her.

    Also loved the fierce and fear filled face on Jaime as he first refuses then agrees to trade her for the freedom of the men. She is the one who exudes confidence that they will find each other again (foreshadowing of future separations).
    Loved the title card when the wig stand fell over and that carefully coiffed wig rolled on the floor.

    Loved that Mary comes into her power and kills her assailant . Did that happen in the book?

    Liked Murtagh’s beheading of the Duke who had it coming. Gory but he was so focused on seeking vengeance for Claire and Mary, thereby restoring his honor. He didn’t take the head with him so maybe they won’t kill off Hugh as in the book. Liked the portrayal of a sad and grieving Rupert.

    THe Scottish scenery was majestic.

    Louise Tellalian
  8. I loved this episode. Diana wrote it, of course, and there were changes from her book. (And who better to make changes from one medium to another?) I think Diana said somewhere that you should not have the book beside you as you watch the show. So true. This episode was, to me, like looking at a diamond, turning it, and seeing so many sides. Different, but still beautiful. Looking forward to/dreading the last two episodes. Running out to get tissues for a good cry – or two, or three. . . .

  9. So glad she wrote this it brought out the Jamie and Claire I know so well thank you don’t get me wrong I love the other episodes but the speech from Jaamie too Claire is what I love and carries this forward through the sage of his deep feeling for his wife

  10. I usually watch the episode a couple of times, since I miss little things when watching it the 1st time. I liked the episode overall and I was just as happy when the duke gets it as I did when I read the book for the 1st time. The scene that Jamie speaks to Claire from the heart, wanting her to be safe whether he is with her or not is touching and I think eludes to the possibility that Claire may be already pregnant with Brianna. Also, the scene in the church when she gives herself up, again, to save the men was fantastic, it shows her willingness to make more sacrifices in order to save everyone in the dire situation they find themselves in.

  11. The scenes that stood out for me were: Rupert as he still grieves for his friend Angus. The Wanted Poster of Red Jamie on the inn’s front door reminded me of police bulletins that Frank had posted when Claire went missing in Season One. That was a nice full circle moment. The cat and mouse game between the Duke and Claire. Murtagh questioning Jamie’s judgment in the wake of their misadventures while stealing two horses in order to rescue Claire. Great Episode as it ties up the loose ends as this season is coming to a close.

  12. Every episode is so rich, it takes a while for me to assimilate it all. The pace of this offering seemed more intense; the tones and beats more diverse and distinct. I guess I would attribute this to Diana’s voice. It was almost like a homage to all the essential elements of what makes her story so mesmerizing…tenderness, adventure, gore, intrigue, surprise, honor and humor to name a few whizzing by at warp speed. The performance by Simon Callow was a tour de force in my opinion. As I think about the ending, I am struck by how appropriate the vengeance seemed and how comfortable the characters make us feel with the outcome. They aren’t horrified and neither are we.

  13. Mary did a stellar job of colluding with Claire, using her wide-eyed innocence to her advantage when caught twice by Sandringham. I couldn’t help but laugh at his chastising: “Would you go to bed?!” Loved seeing her strength and determination to kill the rapist. Brava Rosie Day!!! Nan

  14. I feel this was a solid episode and a great first TV screen play for Diana Gabaldon. It definitely felt like Outlander with all the characters being clearly defined as they are in the books and have been in most of the episodes. I loved the injection of humor which has been lacking in many episodes. Despite the drama of the story, Diana manages to put in some wonderful one liners that are consistent with the sense of humor we see so often in the books. I thought the adaptations made to get us to the church, which gets Claire to the British soldiers and ultimately into Sadringham’s home were well done. I was happy to see that neither Rupert nor Hugh were killed. The lovely prayer that Jamie whispers while Claire is asleep then the pillow talk followed by them snuggled together was beautiful to see as was Jamie’s fierce refusal to give Claire up to the British soldiers. He knows that the sand is flowing through the hourglass of time for him and Claire and does not want to miss one moment with her in his presence. He is trying to protect his men, his wife and Fergus. He wants to see them all safe even if in the end he dies on Culloden Moor. The final scene, although different from the book was actually an improvement. We got to see everyone in one room, the truth of the Duke’s role in the attack and rape, Mary getting her personal revenge on Danton and Murtagh beheading the Duke on camera and laying vengeance at Claire and Mary’s feet. I think all of fandom cheered when that ax came down on the Duke’s head. Then the final line from Mary was hilarious. A great way to end the episode. I hope Diana will get to write at least one script per season. I think it is a good exercise for her and is a reminder of the challenges the writing faces when adapting her source material.

  15. This episode was a wow factor for me because I was in Scotland for the last 2 weeks visiting the outlander show movie sites. The actual kitchen is a fantastic part of Callendar House history

  16. It was simply great. Everyone involved. Diana I heard your voice and loved it.

  17. Loved it!!

    Sandra Riggs Moore
  18. Fully enjoyed this episode, and thought I’d sing the praises of certain vocal qualities enriching this episode (in addition to the enchanting applications of Gaelic)-

    Simon Callow (Duke of Sandringham) with his breathy, precision-paced, dramatic- if not pompous – anunciations of each thought – his characterizations are brilliantly entertaining!
    Grant O’Rourke (Rupert) with his dreamily soothing melodic voice. Grant could be reading/reciting pages & pages of phone book listings and he’d have me mesmerized
    and of course Simon Meacock’s vocally challenged portrayal of Hugh Munro met and exceeded every expectation of Diana Gabaldon’s creation.

    Also, kudos on the set design incorporating the concealed bedroom door (behind oversized artwork) at Sandringham’s Belmont estate.

    • “Grant O’Rourke (Rupert) with his dreamily soothing melodic voice. Grant could be reading/reciting pages & pages of phone book listings and he’d have me mesmerized”
      Me toooooo. I think I have a crush on him. Of course, my feelings for Jamie are all together different. I cannot share those with my husband. 😇

  19. This episode was DG sharing her superb abilities at whatever she writes. It all moved so fast that I couldn’t think of what was happening in relation to the book, which one shouldn’t attempt anyway. I know the book’s the book, the show’s the show etc..but I can’t see how they can do Voyager justice with less than 16 episodes. DIA a very complex book as well as show and noone could do it better than Ron Moore & staff as well as the actors, who are nothing less than fascinating in their acting abilities.Jamie and Claire are the crux of this entire epic but I hope we don’t fly through it all for the sake of ‘time and money’..Each episode seems 10 minutes long…that says a lot !

    • I don’t think we can expect any more than 13 episodes in one season based on Maril Davis’ statement that 13 is all they can possibly manage and even that is very hard on the production team and actors with little or no rest between seasons. I think they can do Voyager if they consciously decide to eliminate entire storylines and characters and stick to the key events that drive the main story. They could easily exclude the entire Mr. Willoughby, Reverend Campbell (The Fiend) and his sister Margaret. They can also cut out the pirate stuff at sea and focus on the encounters with the Man of War that is transporting Lord John to Jamaica. They can also condense the Roger/Bree scenes and accelerate the research details and just get to the conclusions from that research in 1968. They will have to leave out a great deal, but they can still maintain the essential components and get to where they need to be at the end of Season 3.

  20. There was so much I liked but to single out one piece would be the Rupert/Angus thread where Rupert is still missing his buddy- it was nice that Diana (and perhaps the other writers who worked on this episode) thought to include a few references from Rupert to Angus. It’s those details that make everything so believable.

  21. I can only imagine how difficult it is for the entire cast and crew to work almost a yr on one season, but this is an extraordinary venture for TV. I thought the first season with 8 and 8 episodes was formidable. No doubt it’s impossible with such a time consuming and difficult effort for all involved. I’ll take what I can get, regardless.

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