New Interview with Tom Brittney from Access Hollywood

Outlander Season 2 2016

From Access Hollywood:

Tom Brittney made a surprise return to “Outlander” last Saturday night on Starz.

The British actor returned as Lt. Jeremy Foster, a fan favorite character from Season 1 who came face-to-face with MacKenzie war chief Dougal MacKenzie on the battlefield in the “Prestonpans” episode.

Lt. Foster’s reunion with Dougal was filmed in the same location as the “Prestonpans” battle scenes — inside a tent on a field in Scotland.

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“When I was woke up to go to filming, I was being driven quite a far way out of Glasgow. Well, that’s what it felt like — and it was in the middle of nowhere in this big field and the actual field that the tent was in looked exactly like what was inside the tent,” Tom explained, when Access Hollywood spoke with him earlier this week about filming “Prestonpans.” “The field was covered in mist. I said, ‘Oh, are they going to film it here?’ And they went, ‘No.’ They just recreated it in a tent, but it looked exactly the same on the inside and out. You could’ve probably done it outside, but it was this huge, huge tent and it was just filled with smoke and soldiers.”

Jamie, Dougal, Rupert, Angus, Murtagh and Fergus were all featured in the battle scenes, but when Access asked if Tom had to shoot any battle scenes that didn’t make air, or if he was just covered in fake blood and sweat for what became Lt. Foster’s return and exit, the actor said it was the latter.

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