“Prestonpans” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*   14 comments


What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments!

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

14 responses to ““Prestonpans” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. Tissue alert! I cried (and I didn’t expect to). Now I know why Sam said it was his favorite episode.

  2. Loved it. Rupert and angus are a hoot. Angus really gave me a chuckle always trying for a kiss! Jaime is a true leader. Loved they left in the pissing scene. So not ready for the ending. Left me breathless and shocked. Gonna miss that guy!

  3. Great episode! I’ve already watched the episode twice today and probably watch it again sometime this week. The battle scene was fantastic but I’m sad that Angus is gone.

  4. As an ensemble piece this was the best episode this season but my #1 for sheer emotional impact is still “Faith”. We book readers know that just about everyone dies by the end of Culloden and Angus is one of them, but I am glad they gave Angus his special moment to show us all of his sides. Wanting a kiss from Claire, provoking Kincaid but after his death acknowledging Ross when he said “We did not run”, his selflessness in getting Rupert off the battlefield, into Claire’s care, then watching over him, keeping his own injuries to himself and dying a horrible death. I am glad he had a heroic end. Rupert’s grief over the loss of his sidekick and friend was heart wrenching at the end. I had forgotten that Fergus killed a British soldier and was so deeply effected by it. Fergus wants so much to be a man, like M’Lord, so he disobeys orders and it always ends badly for him.

    We all know that Dougal was a Jacobite zealot and a war chief, but the bloodlust that was depicted in this episode was not in the book. It is however, consistent with his character and it sets him apart from the other men who acted more like soldiers than barbarians. You kill your enemy if you must to avoid being killed, but once your enemy is vanquished, you treat them with respect as you would want your prisoners of war treated. This is something Jamie knows well because he is a soldier, not a war chief. I loved when Dougal told Jamie that championing him and having him exiled in one move was worthy of Colum. (Yeah, that is why Colum wanted Jamie to be his successor and not Dougal).

    The Bonny Prince may be a delusional dreamer and a weak and indecisive leader, but he was no coward, he wanted to lead his men into battle. I wanted to slap him when he wanted the British prisoners to get preferential medical treatment but I had to give him credit for seeing them as his subjects who should be treated with respect and care if they were ever to be a united people under Stuart rule. He went up a peg in my book when he dressed Dougal down and wanted him gone. Dougal didn’t know what to do when is Prince embraced him for his heroic testing of the ground. Didn’t take long for the Prince to give him the boot in the rear.

    From the previews it looks like we are going to get the church scene just before the battle at Falkirk where Claire is given to the British to spare Jamie and Co. I wonder if Rupert will die there as he does in the book. I think they want to give each of these main characters their own episode in which to die so we can bid them farewell one at a time. Dougal will be with us until the last episode. Diana Gabaldon said that one of her big regrets was having Murtagh die on Culloden Moor. I wonder of Ron Moore will make a bold change in the adaptation to reverse that error. I am sure the fans would not complain about that deviation from the book. Everyone loves Murtagh.

    • Very well said! I agree with your words!. I liked that this episode really showed off Stephen’s (Angus) acting. He made my heart break when he refused to leave Ruperts side. Any best friend would do that for the other.

    • You’ve nailed it perfectly. I am also a book lover and curious as to how Diana will write next week’s episode

  5. I’m so angry that Dougal killed Lt. Jeremy Foster. He has really gone over the edge! His blood lust lost him the Prince’s respect. I guess this is the start of his downward spiral.
    Going to miss Angus! He wasn’t always my favorite character in the first season because of his tendency for violence, but he did have a gentler side that includes saving Rupert at the cost of his own life. Stephen Walters was amazing!
    Jamie and Claire were a great team and brought the tears when they parted before the battle. Loved Murtagh’s discussion with Jamie and his promise to Claire to watch over Jamie during the battle. “Always.”
    It’s going to make watching episode 211 even harder, knowing what is coming.

  6. This was a very emotional episode. Knowing that these are going to get worse as they go on to the next three, I am going to have a glass of wine and a box of tissues handy.

  7. I’m from the U.S. And spent last Sunday at Culloden battlefield. It was as sad as visiting Pearl Harbor. Tomorrow I end my 2week Scottish vacation and say goodbye to some lovely people we have met here along the way. We visited many of the outlander film sites from season 1 and season 2. Lovely country, lovely people

  8. I just so ep.10… And I can say that this was season’s 2 best episode till now…It had so strong emotions ,I was amazed by the battle…It was Like I was there…The scene where Jamie returns from the battle and look at Claire and hug each other was also very unique moment for this couple. THE WAY THEY LOOK EACH OTHER CAN NOT BE DISCRIBED…GREAT JOB

  9. So wonderful, choral acting and directing. With ep. 5 and 9 – in my opinion – another great stuff!
    I really think there’s something very special in Scotland’s lands which inspire your soul and warm your the heart – AND WHICH IS NOT WHISKY 😉 -: I ricognized that same effect on the entire cast.

    I didn’t realize so far how intense is the actor who plays Prince Charles’ role. I think it’s HIS episode and Dougal’s. Both so great!

    I named Dougal “predatory smile and sex-power hungry” from the beginning…. And often I hated him!
    In ep. 2.10, at the end of attack, that moment of blind rage, he so fierce and brutal that makes your blood run cold! But that british soldier….he really told the wrong words! Very silly ask mercy arrogantly.
    God, I’m becoming brutal, too.

    Outlander is now inside the real Scotland’s HISTORY.
    In and out of the fiction, we’re moving towards the breaking point.


  10. Outstanding work by entire cast and crew!

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