New Interview with Stephen Walters from TV Line *SPOILERS*   5 comments

Here is a new interview with Stephen Walters from TV Line


From TV Line:

Outlander‘s Stephen Walters might’ve thought he was safe. After all, in the Diana Gabaldon novel on which Season 2 of the Starz series is based, Rupert — not Angus — is the recipient of a fatal, wartime wound..

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But as viewers saw in Saturday’s episode, Walters wound up pleating his plaid one last time when Angus died of undiagnosed internal bleeding at Claire’s field hospital after helping a wounded Rupert back to safety.

“To be honest with you, because they’ve taken such a divergence in the first place from the actual character in the book anyway, it didn’t surprise me,” Walters tells TVLine. Given that Angus is called “huge” and “massive” in the novels, “in terms of just casting me as Angus in the first place as Angus, from the physical description in the books, nothing surprised me,” the actor adds.

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  1. You certainly brought us much joy during your time on the television adaptation! Thank you for your acting skills. You will be missed greatly! God be with you.

  2. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

  3. Angus I for one am going to miss you !! LOVE YOU !

  4. SOOOOO Handsome !

  5. I loved the char. He had a certain charm about him..I miss Angus!

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