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Here is a new Interview with Ron D. Moore and Maril Davis from E! Online


From E! Online :

Well that was a bittersweet victory.

Outlander fought its first battle tonight, and while the highlanders did manage to win, they still suffered heavily in more ways than one.

Much of the episode was spent preparing for the battle at Prestonpans. Claire knew that the Stuart side would win, but that didn’t make it any less important for everyone to be as prepared as possible. While Jamie, the prince, and the other men in charge argued over the right moves against the British, Claire ran the makeshift field hospital, and Jamie’s men pondered their potential deaths.

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“We’re telling a war story, and somebody had to pay the price,” executive producer Ronald D. Moore tells E! News. “Even that particular battle at Prestonpans, the highlanders lost very few men and the British had most of the casualties, but it felt wrong to do a war story and not have our side lose somebody, and not just somebody that steps into the show for an episode and dies, but somebody that actually means something to the audience.”

“It kind of illustrates that their road to Culloden is not an easy one,” said executive producer Marl Davis. “They can’t get through unscathed, and lives are lost, and it hits them personally.”

Angus was chosen as the one to die for several reasons. The writers were originally going to kill Willie, according to Moore, but the scheduling didn’t work out for the actor, so they ended up going with Angus.

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