New Interview with Graham McTavish and Andrew Gower from Access Hollywood *SPOILERS*   1 comment

Here is a new interview with Graham McTavish and Andrew Gower from Access Hollywood

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From Access Hollywood:

Jamie Fraser and his men were victorious in battle against the British at Prestonpans, but they paid a steep price. They lost many men, including their beloved Angus and a fellow soldier named Ross, and by the end of the episode, longtime Jacobite supporter Dougal MacKenzie was forced out of the main army after an unfortunately timed outburst in the presence of his beloved Prince Charles Edward Stuart.

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But, before he was sent off as the new Captain of the Highland Dragoons (Jamie’s suggestion to the Prince to save his uncle after the outburst put Dougal in a dangerous spot), Dougal and the Prince had quite an emotional first introduction. 

Earlier in the episode, Dougal rode across the marsh to test out the ground and determine whether it was fit for a Highland charge. He was fired upon as he approached the Redcoats and while he sustained a cut to the head (and a hole in his hat), he made it back with the news that the marsh wasn’t solid enough for the proposed attack. Upon his return, he was given a heroes’ welcome and an embrace from his Prince.

Graham McTavish, who plays Dougal MacKenzie, told Access Hollywood about filming the scene with Andrew Gower, who plays the Bonnie Prince. 

“One of the things that I loved about what Andrew did with the part was how he physically created the Prince,” Graham said, when we asked him about working with the Season 2 “Outlander” actor. “The scene where I ride down into the teeth of the guns of the enemy to test the ground and he comes back and he embraces me — I mean, we didn’t rehearse that particularly. He just grabbed me in the moment and so you get a very strong, genuine reaction from me as Dougal at that point. It’d gratified [him] in one sense that his Prince is hugging him, telling him how fabulous he is, but [he’s] also slightly uncomfortable that this man is embracing him.” 

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  1. What Dougal does to the nice British soldier totally made me hate his character!!! That was the only nice British soldier in the whole show. Why was that scene necessary?

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