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Here is a new interview with Caitriona Balfe from TV Week


From TV Week:

For Caitriona Balfe – the centuries-hurdling heroine of Outlander – her previous life as a model in a foreign land helped prepare her for just about anything. The Irish actress, 36, says she’s totally comfortable with her past and present.

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How did you find the move from catwalk to screen?

I started off going to theatre school, so the plan was always to be an actress. I ended up taking a detour in the modelling world for most of my 20s. It was a great opportunity and I got to travel the world, but it was never my passion and I did end up getting quite frustrated.

But, all experiences help shape your future self…

A lot of my experiences during that time really informed me going intoOutlander.

In what way?

When I first went to Japan [on a modelling job], I didn’t speak any Japanese and they would just send me out and give me an address. I’d sort of have to find my own way around. So,

I knew that feeling of being very displaced and having to fend for myself and having to quickly assimilate and figure out how a place works.

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