New Tease about the Outlander Season Finale   3 comments

Here is a NEW teaser about what to expect from Outlander season Finale

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Posted June 9, 2016 by primrosesandrue16 in Outlander

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3 responses to “New Tease about the Outlander Season Finale

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  1. Counting down the hours tell this episode premiers.

  2. Oh, I can wait for this episode since it’s the season finale, then what!
    Binge watch season 2, over and over until I can say the lines right along with them.:)

  3. When will season 2 come out in Blu-Ray? I’m ready to cue up season 1 for a long marathon and then season 2 until season 3…………. plus re-read the books! Got my my time cut out for the next few years! ……. LOL!

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