New Claire, Angus and Rupert Scene from Outlander Episode 2×10   3 comments

Here is a NEW Claire, Angus, and Rupert Scene from Outlander 2×10

3 responses to “New Claire, Angus and Rupert Scene from Outlander Episode 2×10

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    • It was hard enough to READ the various outcomes of DG’s intriguing & beloved characters going into the climax of this storyline in her books; bracing for the VISUAL images seems unbearable in-advance anticipating the rest of the season on STARZ, but watch, we will. A dram for them, a dram for us, too. Will put a box of tissues by my recliner and prepare for another big lump in my throat.
      Since Sam says THIS episode is extraordinary & identifies it as his favorite, we know his performance along with all others will be riveting and superb. (He has already recognized Cait’s Episode 7 w/her performance as outstanding-agreed!)
      We are in for another superb night of acting and viewing-no doubt about it! Another “time to shine” for Sam & Cait and the rest of the cast & crew. Expecting to say “well done, again!”
      But, OF COURSE!
      Bring it on…😢😭😧😱

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