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Dougal MacKenzie wasn’t about to let a neutrality agreement his brother signed keep him out of fighting for his beloved Scotland, and so he joined up with Jamie Fraser’s men in Saturday night’s “Outlander.”

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And, almost immediately in Season 2’s Episode 9 – “Je Suis Prest” – there was conflict between uncle and nephew as Dougal (Graham McTavish) tried to assert his authority, from suggesting they join up with Prince Charles Stuart’s troops right away, to crashing Jamie and Murtagh’s training exercises by leading a practice Highland charge with Rupert and Angus.

Throughout the episode, Jamie (Sam Heughan) stood up to Dougal, and although there were a number of tense moments between the two men, his uncle backed down.

Although most of the men preparing to fight had connections to Jamie, it wasn’t a sort of Highland hierarchy that was behind Dougal’s decision to follow Jamie’s orders and not push things more than he did, despite his hopes for a higher position in leadership.

“I don’t think it’s so much it’s about the rules of the Highlands, it’s more a practicality on Dougal’s part,” Graham told Access Hollywood. “His goal is to ensure a successful rebellion against the British and if that means just sucking it up a little bit and being deferential to Jamie for the time being, then he’s absolutely prepared to do that because the overarching goal is to achieve… not just Scottish independence, but the bringing back of the rightful king to the throne. So, that’s what’s motivating him. I don’t think he likes it. I definitely don’t think that he believes that Jamie’s particularly up for the job, but he’s prepared to put up with it.”

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  1. I believe that I read Graham is listed as “guest” actor this season. If that is true he should win the Emmy for this episode. Brilliant!

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