“Je Suis Prest” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*   16 comments


What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments!

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

16 responses to ““Je Suis Prest” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. The WW2 flashbacks were so powerful. This is the beauty of a TV adaptation in the right hands. It can take the viewer places the reader never got to visit. You never saw the scars Claire had in those second honeymoon scenes with Frank. She never showed him
    that pain. Only Jamie! Always, only Jamie!

  2. Loved it. I was on the edge of my “sofa”. It is bittersweet though. At several times the episode had an eerie feel to it. And we all know what that is. It felt like I was watching ghosts. Especially when the men were riding in horseback toward the end. I think the camera slowed down a bit to give this effect. Sam was brilliant. He was mesmerizing to watch. Excellent. Claire is dissociating so much she is hardly recognizable from her former self. She looks physically smaller and not as sure of herself. One recovers from PTSD, now the other one has it. At least they are together. Now that season 3/4 is announced I’m not as fearful of what’s to come. Still hard to forgive the 20yrs Dianna.

  3. Once again I watched the most beautiful production scenes on television. There are not enough superlatives to describe the visual quality of Outlander. The talent of all actors is spectacular and superbly cast. The best TV ever! Thank you Starz.

    • So eagerly awaiting tonight. Magnuficent production. Addicted. Don’t know how I can wait a yr for next season. Everything perfect, but esp what a treasure Sam is as Jamie. Makes us all understand why she and men would willingly follow him anywhere. A fellow officer of my husband once told me the same about my husband in a country we were in on the verge of revolution, so this series has incredible special meaning

  4. There is so much to say about this episode. But in the end, the only thing I will say is that it left me emotionally sad. Knowing what’s to come – with that haunting music – is heartbreaking.

  5. Scotland on Steroids. The beautiful landscape, haunting singing, bagpipes, plaids, broadswords, bannocks and the return of Rufus, Angus and Dougal. Red Jamie in command, Dougal put in his place, Murtagh the drill sergeant, Fergus being a kid and it was brilliant to have WWII flashbacks and see the effects they had on Claire. I liked some of the changes they made. I like the TV Version of the Lord Grey scene better than the book because Jamie remains the gentleman that he is by following Claire’s lead instead of treating her so disgracefully and he did in the book. That led to a big fight in the book and we fans need Jamie and Claire to be in harmony. I also like that Lord Grey gets to maintain some of his honor because he has no idea this was a ruse and that Claire is actually Jamie’s wife. This will make their meeting in Voyager that much more dramatic. I am so relieved that Willie is married in the Colonies and does not end up dead on Culloden Moor. I hope that means we will see him in the future. I remember Diana Gabaldon saying that one of her big regrets was having Murtagh die on Culloden Moor. Given that Ron Moore has built up TV Murtagh to the point that fans adore him, maybe he will give Diana and the fans a gift and allow Murtagh to survive. Love Duncan Lacroix in the role. We are off to war and although we know it does not end well, we can appreciate this story being shown so beautifully.

    • Kathy, I had the same connection to WW2. My Dad was at D-Day as a 20 year old soldier and never talked about it for 55 years. He shut the door on it like Claire until right before he died. This was a magnificent episode on every level…in my top 3 of both seasons. The music was magical…do we live Bear ir what?

  6. ALL of the above! My father fought in WWII, I was too young to understand his struggles when he came home, but I remembered them, after Vietnam, I learned. I also remember the stories my Grandfather repeated from his father about the rage they felt about the clearances. The family went to Nova Scotia, then the next generation, my grandparents, settled in Foxboro Mass. I think that passed down oral history, filtered through the anger and pain of those on the loosing side, is quite a bit different than what is presented in history books. History is written by the victors. This fantastic episode made me cry in several places, laugh in others, and cry again at the end as the trained highlanders marched off to join Charles Edward Stuart, knowing what is to come. I will cry lots more before this season is over, and will re watch all of the episodes countless times. Preston Pans will be good, though, we win that one! Absolutely loved Bears score. I always say that, but it keeps getting better!

    Anne Hetherington
  7. This episode lifted us up tremendously from the disappointment of last week. I agree the magic of the music against the backdrop of the landscape and preparations for war were haunting. As though we were being set up for what many of us know is coming. The introduction of Master Grey was a sweet surprise as well and only tickled our appetites for his importance down the road. What is it about watching those Highlanders, feeling their pride in country nudged by Jamie’s admonitions against the majesty of Bear’s music to sound our admiration for everything Outlander-like? Claire’s PTSD served to reflect our apprehensions and prelude more of her deepest suffering. Big ouch but bring on the print shop reunion! Yes!

    Chris Finklein
  8. The burden of war. The care. The return of James Alexander Malcom McKensie Fraser (pardon if there are spelling errors) as soldier now Captain of his troops and his lady, Senior Sister, who have come to terms with their personal demons and are determined and purpose filled to go past them….

  9. This episode really showed the lasting impacts of war and the effects on people. Claires’s reaction and PTSD was haunting. And all the lads were picking up on her behaviour and were unsettled. Loved jaime standing up to dougal and his attempt to get claire to help…and even she shut him down! The entire episode was outstanding but also sad. Knowing what is coming and that the entire culture is lost. So so sad. The actors in this episode were stupendous…..sam, cait, graham, stephen, duncan

  10. I didn’t watch the episode yet, but I can imagine.
    Outlander at its best.
    Scotland, clans, highlanders, ardour, loyalty, the painful Scotland’s history. Men and women involved, men and women with and for their land.
    And in the middle, one of the most amazing love story shines like a crazy diamond.
    Emotional series, powerful characters, majestic script, intense actors, wonderful directors.
    A glorious stirring of the senses. All the senses. In all senses 😊✌🔝

  11. Bear killed it-best use of his talents yet!
    Cait is doing an insane job of making you feel her everything without even uttering a word. 2nd ep she’s made me feel every emotion!
    Sam’s developing his Jamie character beautifully & it’s exciting to watch.
    LOVED the welcome the Fraser’s received from Fergus, Rupert and Angus-missed those boys. And Dougal, great as ever!

    Great job all!

  12. Best one, for weeks. Claire & Jamie slip into their leadership roles, show the colors of experience and care for their people. Beautifully written & performed. Bowing , bowing again. Great Job to all.

  13. It’s a beautiful show. The history gripping and the looming war tragic. Music hauntingly beautiful.
    Claire fab, but we love Jamie and Claire – it’s what we all dream of.

  14. Je suis prest ( I am ready) Je suis prēt – pour la troisième Saison avec Heughan Balfe et les autres actrices acteurs et les directeurs de STARZ “Mark me” ! et MERCI BEAUCOUP

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