New BTS Pics of Sam Heughan in Outlander Episode 2×08   11 comments

Here is a new BTS pic of Sam Heughan in Outlander episode 2×08


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11 responses to “New BTS Pics of Sam Heughan in Outlander Episode 2×08

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  1. Such a lovely heartfelt private a moment!

    Wendy Musgrave
  2. A most tender scene… well played. Bravo

  3. Sweet, tender, well-played. Bravo.

  4. Love this scene. It gave insight into how Jamie would of been with Fath. Brought tears to my eyes.

  5. This man is a treasure. He is so expressive without being over-the-top or flashy, just heartfelt and genuine on such a wide range of emotions.

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  7. As a Grandmother I just loved this scene. He is so talented.

  8. A sweet moment to watch…but difficult for me to watch Claire watching him in silence. Such mixed emotions for me…a sweet sadness, but tender truth about it.

  9. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

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  11. Favorite scene in the entire episode. Sam seems like a natural and the babies they used were evidently cooperative. I loved the quietness and intimacy of that entire scene. Sam pouring his heart out to wee Kitty with that soothing cadence to his voice and Claire and Jenny looking on, speaking is soft tones, their hearts warmed by the sight. It reminds me of the middle of the night feedings with my children, nursing them in the rocking chair with the house quiet, in semi darkness sharing each other’s warmth. I cherished those quiet nights with my babies.

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