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Claire and Jamie Fraser returned to Scotland in Saturday night’s “Outlander” and were quickly met with serious new challenges.

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In Season 2’s “The Fox’s Lair” episode, the couple was forced to make a trip to visit Jamie’s grandsire, Lord Lovat, played by Clive Russell, to try and convince him to send men to fight on the side of Scotland in the uprising against the British.

Lord Lovat is a character in “Outlander,” and a real historical figure, so when spoke with Clive, we asked him if he did a lot of research or went off the pages of the script.

“There’s a very good book about the character. [He was a] very, very extraordinary, but not very likable man, which was interesting. But I’m a bit wary of research in that sense. I remember when I worked for the BBC and did ‘Middlemarch,’ and I played a character in that, and I was very, very faithful to the way in which George Eliott described him. And one of the things she described was the fact that he had long pauses between words, and so I took that with me on to set, and after a bit, the director said to me, ‘Clive, you’re going to have to speak quicker than that…’ So, it can be interesting and it can be very misleading. In the end, your bible is the script — the adaptation in the case of ‘Middlemarch,’ and the script, which is a mixture/compilation of history and not history and that’s what you have to pay attention to, really,” he said. “Obviously there are hints from the way in which the character is described not in the dialogue, and how people talk about him, as well as the history of the character, but it’s really about the script.”

Asked about the costume process for “Outlander,” Clive said his Lord Lovat look was “done very beautifully,” and aged to fit the character’s lifestyle.

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