Ron D. Moore’s Podcast for Episode 2×07 of Outlander “Faith”   5 comments

Here is the new podcast for episode 2×07 of Outlander “Faith”

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5 responses to “Ron D. Moore’s Podcast for Episode 2×07 of Outlander “Faith”

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  1. Thank you BOTH for your insights and detail. Truly, to feel the events of this episode and understand even more deeply what the “silences” imparted was profound. The fact you take the time to dig into the background with your thoughts and meaning only adds the icing on the cake of this entire series/book experience. Thank you!

  2. This episode was absolutely brilliant! The acting is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful adaptation of this series of books!

  3. I agree w/the above. Well done, all. And, a special word for Bear McCreary’s music that added so much to this (and all) episodes. I’ve watched “Faith” > a 1/2 dozen times since Saturday. Just the first few notes of the music start (on Claire’s mournful return home to the house staff w/Fergus) and the tears well up and roll down my cheeks. I can barely swallow the knot in my throat by the time Claire stops to thank Magness and she refuses his bow, takes his hand and she bows to him…and I am destroyed. The music drives home each setting, each emotion. Zow-wee! It’s ALL so good; it’s ALL SO WELL DONE. Kudos.

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