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Warning: This article contains spoilers from Saturday’s episode (#207) of Outlander. Read at your own risk after the jump

The scenes were devastating to watch, and the Outlander cast and crew went to great lengths to make sure they treated the tragedy with respect. Much of that burden fell to Balfe.

“When I got the script that Toni Graphia wrote, it was just so beautiful, and she filled it with so much care,”Balfe told Refinery29 via phone last week. “I remember crying when I read the script for the first time and thinking, Ah, this is so heartbreaking.

To prepare for this storyline, Balfe read books on grief, including Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking andBlue Nights, memoirs in which the author recounts the loss of her husband and daughter. The Irish actress also tapped into the experiences of loved ones that she’d witnessed.

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  1. You were right on with the performance you gave.

  2. Touching performance , perceptive and inciteful script. My still birth was 34 years ago but this week’s episode had me right back there. I wish I could meet Toni and Cait to tell them in person , how true it was to my experience.

    Debbie Loffhagen
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