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Ron D. Moore’s Podcast for Episode 2×07 of Outlander “Faith”   5 comments

Here is the new podcast for episode 2×07 of Outlander “Faith”

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*New* 280+ Screencaps From the SOHO Trailer of Episode 2×08 of Outlander “The Fox’s Lair”   1 comment

Here are 280+ screencaps from the trailer of episode 2×08 of Outlander, titled “The Fox’s Lair”, that we made for you guys. 

Outlander Season 2 Episode 8 Soho Promo [HD, 720p].mp4_000020033

More after the jump! 

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*New* Pic of Lotte Verbeek   1 comment

Here’s a new pic of Lotte Verbeek. 


Just before the ant attack

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New Caitriona Balfe Interview with Refinery 29   4 comments


Warning: This article contains spoilers from Saturday’s episode (#207) of Outlander. Read at your own risk after the jump

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New Caitriona Balfe Interview with Vulture   2 comments

Here’s a new interview of Caitriona Balfe with Vulture


Due spoilers read after the jump

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New Australian Promo for Outlander Episode 2×08 ‘The Fox’s Lair’   1 comment

Here’s the Australian preview of Outlander Episode 2×08 ‘The Fox’s Lair’

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1,710+ UHQ (1080p) Screencaps of Episode 2×07 of Outlander – Faith   3 comments

Here are 1,710+ UHQ (1080p) screencaps of episode 2×07 of Outlander “Faith” that we made for you guys. Hope you enjoy them! If you use them, please link back to the site. 

The gallery might take a little while to load because it’s so screencap heavy, but once it’s loaded you should be fine. 

***To get the full high res cap click on the cap and then at the bottom on the right click “View full size 1920×1080″ ***

Click to make bigger


More screencaps after the jump!

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