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Here is a new Interview with Stanley Weber from E! Online


From E! Online:

See ya, St. Germain.

Outlander’s French baddie met his end in tonight’s episode of the Starz hit, and he could not have suffered a less dignified death. As part of her payment to the king for getting her husband out of the Bastille, Claire helped in a sort of trial to determine if two men accused of black magic—her friend, Master Raymond, and her enemy, the Comte St. Germain—deserved to be punished.

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She tried to get them all out of there alive by having them both drink a potion she knew would make them visibly suffer but not die, but Master Raymond had other plans. After he drank it, he spiked the fake poison with real poison, and sent St. Germain sputtering and writhing to the floor.

After weeks of torturing Claire and Jamie as payback for what he viewed as Claire’s meddling that got his ships (and therefore his livelihood) destroyed, St. Germain definitely deserved something, but did he deserve this? His portrayer, Stanley Weber, seems to think so.

“I guess that’s fair enough,” Weber tells E! News. “It’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? I had every good reason to be angry at them, and every good reason to seek revenge. So once I started to go on this rage and this journey of vengeance and really really bad things, I was asking myself, well, actually I think this guy is enjoying the challenge.”

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  1. This episode was full of important and emotional scenes. Naturally, most attention has been on Claire. But I hope on rewatching viewers will appreciate Stanley’s performance. His face as he realizes he is going to die is so expressive.

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