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Here is a new interview with Caitriona Balfe from Accesss Hollywood

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From Access Hollywood:

“Outlander” delivered an emotionally complex and heartbreaking episode on Saturday night, as Claire Fraser went through one of the most devastating tragedies of her life – losing her child.

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Although she rushed to the forest to stop her 18th century Scottish husband, Jamie Fraser, from dueling with Jack Randall, she arrived too late to intervene. In the chaos, and under mounting stress, a pregnant Claire began hemorrhaging and was taken to the hospital where the staff was able to save her life, but not the life of her unborn child, whom the episode is named after – “Faith.”

Caitriona Balfe gave an exceptional performance as Claire as her character went through a devastating loss, a tragic period of disbelief, a crushing scene of acceptance, and later, suffered quietly, but with deeply felt grief. After Claire paid a high price for her husband’s release from the Bastille, the episode offered another shattering scene – the heartbreaking reunion of Claire and Jamie, as Claire opened up about what she went through during his incarceration, and how she’d come to blame herself for the loss.

Despite the weight of the material, TV productions move so fast that Caitriona had just an average amount of time with the script (which was written by “Outlander” co-executive producer Toni Graphia) before shooting the episode. In a new interview, she told Access Hollywood about preparing for and shooting “Faith.” How long did you have the script for the ‘Faith’ episode before you had to shoot those scenes?
Caitriona Balfe: I think it was the same as usual. Although, Toni Graphia — this episode was so beautiful. She wrote it with such a poetic, respectful way. When I got the script… I cried and I remember emailing her and just being like, ‘You have floored me. I’ve just been sitting here sobbing.’ And also, it was one of the scripts that really didn’t need an awful lot of changing or work, so I probably had it a week or so before we started, or maybe a little more, but we don’t tend to have them for too, too long. But yeah, it was just written so beautifully and it was one of those things where, you as an actor, in some sort of a masochistic way, really look forward to filming the most horrific things.

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