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What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments!

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

44 responses to ““Faith” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. That episode was a lot worse than what I was expecting. I’ve read the book, so I knew what was going to happen, but that was still so horrible. And I didn’t start crying until Mother Hildegarde first told Claire what happened to her baby and the look on Claire’s face just made me burst into tears. And then when Fergus was telling Claire what happened with BJR, I think I died a little on the inside, my heart just broke in two. The ending though omg. That was so rough. Caitriona deserves ALL the awards for the performance in this episode.

  2. where to I begin so many parts out did my expectations took me 2x to watch all of Louie’s part-my words don’t do it justice so cunning and cold-Jamie climbing the stairs was so painful to watch-Fergus n Claire so deeply touching and Claire and Jamie end was better than book cause it had them come together at their daughter’s grave so loving in grief

  3. I’m still watching but just had to pause the show for a bit because Outlander just slayed me with the wizard of oz reference.

  4. Oh my gosh, there are very few words to describe how tonight’s episode hit me. I knew it was going to be emotional. I didn’t expect to start crying right at the beginning. It was so heartbreaking and beautiful and real – Cait captured every emotion so realistically! I’ve gone through a miscarriage and can relate to that emotion – well done, Starz or Ron or whomever made that storyline so real – it was beautifully done. That all being said, I look forward to Jamie and Claire reuniting in a loving physical sense in the coming episodes. And let’s be clear, there are not that many episodes to go!! SAD FACE!! 🙁🙁

  5. WOW! Powerful episode with award worthy performances by Caitriona and Sam, especially Cait. They managed to bring so many of the important elements of the story into this episode despite some bits of rearranging of the details. As for the “Jump the Shark” moment talked about on the blogs, it was a surprise but not a problem at all. Just a peek into what might have happened even if it was not in the book. .Will definitely watch this many more times.

    Louise Tellalian
    • I think the jump the shark moment is supposed to be in ep 208.

    • Hi Sis – my comments are below, but I don’t think the opening scene added anything whether you are a book reader or not. We know that Jamie and Claire conceive another child in 201 and this jump to the future seemed out of place for me. I like the idea of the Blue Heron being a symbol of healing, but we did not need that opening scene to establish that. I wish they had found a way to get a “blue light” into the scene with Master Raymond, but otherwise, they stuck to the book. I loved it when Claire’s pendant turned black and the reaction from LeComte. Well done. As a book reader I thought that pointing everything at Le Comte as the guilty party on the attempts on Claire’s life was a red herring because it is the Duke in the book. There was a line cut from 206 where Le Comte comments that Les Disciple do not operate outside of the city and Jamie comments as to how someone of Le Comte’s station would know that. So the question is, did Le Comte arrange for the attack or know about it or will that bit of mischief have been the Duke’s doing as it was in the book. They set it up so that Le Comte and the Duke were “associates” so they may have been working in concert to derail Jamie and Claire. I am eager to hear the podcast for this episode.

  6. This episode was very well done and all of the actors out did themselves in their roles… all of them!! I cried for half the episode. I was amazed!

  7. I just ugly cried my way through episode 7. If this performance does not win Caitriona Balfe an Emmy or Golden Globe, than I don’t know what will! As an avid book lover, I was worried about how the writers/producers would play this out on the screen. My fears were immediately allayed within seconds of seeing Caitriona’s heartbreaking portrayal. Bravo!!!

  8. My heart is still breaking……so tough to watch but so beautiful too. Cait was absolutely amazing!!!!❤️

    Wendy Crawford
  9. The writing was superb and the performances just so very well done. Each episode gets better and better. From Cait, Romann, France’s, Stanley, Dominique and of course Sam – well I think they did Diana proud for sure. Lots of wet Kleenex tonight.

  10. I am completely and utterly wrecked. How the heck and I supposed to go to sleep now? I am so puffy and congested from all the tears. I cried all the way through. Cait needs all the Emmys!

  11. I don’t know how anyone could be unaffected by tonight’s show. Brilliant performances by all – but Caitriona was brilliant!! Cried and cried and cried!! Love heals all Fraser wounds.

  12. I came into Episode 207 knowing more or less what to expect. I’m so pleased that they made this episode so long! Even so, the time flew by on gossamer wings!
    My heart was in my stomach during the entire episode, but I finally lost it when Claire was singing to Faith! And Louise was so awesome in her compassion in helping Claire say goodbye to her child! I’m going to miss seeing her.
    The last scenes with Jamie and Claire tore my heart out! I was so afraid they were going to be at odds over this, but when Claire blamed herself instead of Jamie at the end, my dam of tears broke loose! I cried for both of them and when Jamie put the “Andrew” spoon on Faith’s grave, I totally lost it again!! I think that going back to Scotland will start the healing process, even though there are more problems ahead. They will be better as long as they stay together!

  13. I just had another glass of wine to calm my nerves. This Episode exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Cait deserves an Emmy for her heart-breaking, powerful, & emotional performance. This Ep written by Toni Graphia was brilliant! I was moved by all of the fabulous actors & also blown away by the set designs, esp the star chamber by Gary Steele, the costumes by Terry Dresbach & the soundtrack by Bear MacCreary. It was a flawless collaborative effort. Best episode this season, for me anyway. Cait moved me to tears & all the actors did a phenomenal job. Perfect in every aspect!

  14. Every episode is fantastic in every way. I have never watched a show that pulls such emotion out of the viewer as outlander does. Both Cait and Sam were born for these rolls. This show deserves all the awards it can get. Tobias is perfect as BJR/FR. Every aspect of this should should be heralded. I applaud Starz for this show and BlackbSails. They are showing such great programs.

  15. Perfection in all aspects! Writing,directing, acting, sets, costumes, music, everything! I was totally drained and exhausted by the ending credits. Impossible to pick a favorite scene. So many amazing moments, I will have to watch again once I recover.

  16. I started to cry when Fergus brought Claire home and it was downhill from there.
    I had heard that the gazebo scene was changed, however, I think it was changed for the better. I’m glad that everything is on the table and they can move forward. The last scene is still hard to get over.

  17. Terrific episode as are they all! Will miss the new actors from this season. They have been wonderful. Now back to Scotland, Yeah!! They’re going home to the place where they belong.

  18. I’m crying reading the comments and I haven’t watched the episode yet.😭 I am a book reader from beginning, so I know what is coming. I think watching the grave scene will tear my guts out!

  19. What a rollercoaster I just got off! This one the most brilliant yet! Cait showed her acting chops on this ride. Wonderful! Now to wait 7 more days.

  20. Outstanding episode all around. Not one criticism from me.

  21. Loved the episode all around but my favorite scene was when Louise came to see Claire.

  22. Cait deserves an award for that episode. Cried a number of times. Very well done

  23. I have watched the episode twice and I am stunned by the beautiful writing of Tony Graphia, the sensitive direction of Matin Huyseyin and the award worthy performances by Cait, Sam and the entire supporting cast. What tore my heart out was Bear McCreary’s music which made me weep when Claire came home and in the final scene. That man can evoke emotion like not other. This episode comes as close to perfection as is possible. Changes from the book, like Le Comte actually being the one who tried to poison Claire, worked for me. The opening scene with Claire and Bree in the 20th century however, felt out of place and added nothing. The introduction of the Blue Heron as a symbol of healing did not need that scene to be established. We know that Claire and Jamie have conceived another child in Ep 201. I guess I will have to listen to the podcast to understand why they felt that scene was necessary. I have to say, that this has moved to the top for me as my favorite episode so far with “The Wedding” moving to second place. I know I will watch 207 many times, probably in conjunction with 204-206. I am so glad to be leaving Paris. Although Scotland is a death march to Culloden, there is a lot of healing that happens there.

  24. Kept it together until Louise appeared…then I lost it. Sam seemed so skinny…he is a great actor, but how in the heck did he pull that off? This episode was perfect…it allowed me to put down the book that is always present in my mind. Exactly what I hope for! And the scene with Bree was that dram of joy that made it possible for me to be overwhelmed by the sadness that came like a tsunami. The relationship with the staff that was spotlighted with Suzette and Magnus will hopefully help those who spent so much time worrying about the loyalty of the servants. Fingers crossed Cait gets a nomination. Who else on the small screen is her equal??

  25. This was Cait’s episode, all about Claire’s journey through the pain of losing her child, discovering the Truth that caused Jamie’s betrayal and dangerous decisions she is forced to choose with the King and in the Star Chamber to free Jamie. Ultimately she must forgive herself as much as Jamie. The entire hour in Claire’s point of view was necessary to fully grasp the depths of her emotional journey so brilliantly emoted by Caitriona – the gut wrenching, horific and necessary emotional torture she must navigate to accept her childless reality and forgive Jamie which is the only way she can heal as well.

    Even though this HAD to be Claire’s episode, I so wish we could see Jamie’s emotional journey too, from discovering Ferguson at the Brothel, the duel with all BJR’s ugly taunts, Jamie’s realization of Claire’ resulting miscarriage and final torturous guilt as he waits helplessly in the Bastille for word of her death. I know the story must move on, but I can’t help feeling robbed by the brevity of the dual and emotional climax that was for Jamie, the cathartic high of finally confronting his demon and giving him what he deserves only tho immediately be plunged into the depths of despair realizing the consequences of that victory as the loss of his child and possibly His Precious Claire. A consequence for which there would be no recovery. And then her survival and forgiveness giving him new hope.

    Still. No point in dwelling on what can not be. The show must go on. Scotland, rebellion and the next chapter for Jamie and Claire will not wait.

    • Very well stated on all points.
      Aside from the spanking aftermath, Ron and the other writers have improved on the things that irritated me in the books. This episode in particular. Claire HAD asked the impossible of Jamie for Frank. SHE had put Frank before Jamie and Faith. I was thrilled the scene went there (Thanks Toni G).
      I know the book is about Claire and her strength, pain and challenges but she’s a narcissistic, judgmental and rude person such as;
      a. No one’s problems are as bad as Claire’s and it’s always someone else (Jamie) that has to apologize, change or take the blame for things.
      * comparing her rape and Frank being born to Jamie’s emotional & physical rape,
      * equates Jamie’s life in prison and in the cave with her loneliness (yet she had their child and Frank during that time)
      b. It’s ok for Claire to constantly hit Jamie throughout the books when she feels like it but she endangered lives & got a spanking (wah wah)
      c. She’s this “healer” army nurse and MD that freaks out in every situation in the books. Next time I read the series, I’m going to count every time she used
      the following; “gulped for air”, ” a little testily”, “alarmed” “brought me close to tears”, “I didn’t care”, “but I ignored it”, “felt faint”, “felt faint”, “raised the hair
      on the back of my neck”, “vision went black”, “my heart was thumping”, “heart lurched”, “I was feeling course myself (always mad at something”, but it
      didn’t matter”, felt very tired” and went over procedures in her head over and over. As a Trauma RN of 44 yrs, I know a REAL army nurse / MD would
      have been cool, gone 16+ hours on their feet and procedures would be reflex.
      d. What on earth did she expect to accomplish by cutting that baby out at 6 month? The biggest deal at that age is the lungs not being ready. Where was
      zero chance of survival without a ventilator for the months until the lungs could mature.
      e. so much time spent on her mind and minor characters and spent zip on the birth of Ian’s baby. I mean really?
      f. Issues with the rare times he had solace. Again, her life was as a mother, student and pretend wife. What did he have? If she thought of him and not
      herself, she’d be happy for him not hit and yell.
      I don’t have the writing ability you do. This is all fresh as I listened to the 8 books in the last month so these things are fresh in my mind again.
      Don’t get me wrong, Diana’s story telling is remarkable. Outlander is spectacular. The problem is too much time is spent on inner turmoil instead of expanding on people & situations that have become important to us. I have “faith” Ron and company will continue to do smooth over what I perceive as issues with the books.

      Laurie Carroll
  26. Best. Episode. To date! Did anyone else notice that Claire was wearing both rings in the opening?! My heart broke for Claire and Jaime. In the promos I wasn’t sure whose grave they were at for some reason. Now seeing the scene in context it really hit everything home. Great acting and writing!! If Caitronia and Sam don’t get nominated for Emmys there’s something wrong with the committee and/or nomination process!!

  27. What a heartbreaking episode!!💔 The collaboration of everyone involved from writers, directors, crew, etc. and the superb acting of the cast involved, made this one of my favorites so far!! Caitriona really pulled out all the stops; and when Louise comes to see her in the hospital, it wasn’t just dabbing at the eyes anymore, I was crying for her through the rest of the show!!! As for the start, I felt it showed how we can find joy again in our lives in spite of having gone through tragic loss. The look on her face says we never get over it, we just get through it…..we find a new “normal” to experience happiness, but we don’t forget. It was a beautiful show all around!

  28. Even if it weren’t my habit to do so, I definitely would have watched S2 EP07 under the cover of darkness last night.

    Each Friday night before going to bed, I set my alarm for 12:01 AM, when I wake to watch OL the moment it becomes available for viewing on OnDemand; while my husband and boys are sleeping. Some might say that sounds like the quintessential “guilty pleasure,” but I call it a “peaceful pleasure;” my weekly treat… the carrot I dangle for myself all week long. Something I do just for me. As the lone female in a house of males, I never have possession of the TV remote, between the endless news shows, sports coverage, and violent action films. And that’s truly okay with me. I can never seem to sit still long enough to concentrate on television, let alone enjoy it. Outlander is different.

    EP07 was everything I expected and more, leaving me feeling emotionally short-circuited in its aftermath. I cried through all the gut wrenching spots (which is to say I cried alot.) Caitriona Balfe was stupendous; utterly brilliant. I was relieved at how the Fergus/BJR scene — which I was dreading — was handled; it conveyed the helplessness and horror without being *too* graphic. An unexpected anguished moment occured during the exchange between Claire and the butler upon her return to the apartment. The sad and poignant flich of Magnus’ face as Claire paid a tearful and grateful homage to him was heartbreaking. I wish he – and many other S2 characters – could follow the Frasers to Scotland.

    Scotland… sigh. I’m not sure which is more frightening: the Battle of Colloden, or the end of S2 itself.

    Interestingly, I was introduced to Outlander only a few months ago, when my sister forced me to watch it over the New Year’s holiday. I was instantly hooked: Feisty heroines, men in kilts, JAMMF(!)… what’s not to love? To this day, I thank my lucky Star(z) that my personal “Droughtlander” was, at only 3 months duration, blissfully shorter than most in the OL fandom. It’s scary, yet comforting, to know that I will join your ranks in the stretch before S3. Please keep those articles, observations, photos and memes coming. I know I’m going to need them.

  29. What a powerful episode. All of the performances were spot on, even little Bouton. My heart broke for Claire of course, but also for Jamie and Fergus. Although the Compte was not the poisoner in the book, it played well here, closing a loop we may not see later wherein it is revealed that Sandringham was begging the attempts on Claire and Jamie’s lives – the latter not shown in the TV version.
    Agree with others that the opening scenes in 1954 were unnecessary and added nothing – she could have dreamt of a heron on the wing without the distraction of little Bree.

    Sharon Frankel
  30. I’m a very out spoken Pearson.So Hear Goes .Their is absolutely nothing I would change about (Faith ) .Absolutely wonderful.I had from the start tears flowing.I adored the first scene with Clair and Bree .I could keep on praising it s
    . So I’ll just say congratulations to the writer ,director ,etc. This is Awards material !

  31. Loved the episode. I just wish there had been more of Jamie’s grief and despair in it. I know it was Claire’s show, but it was his baby, too.I wish they had shown him in the Bastille, not knowing if Claire was dead or alive. Otherwise, it was a fabulous episode.

  32. Devastatingly good! Well done, ALL!

  33. Fabulous!!! Thank you Toni, Ron, et al. Special thank you to Cait, Sam, — entire cast and crew.

  34. Faith, a belief in a promise we cannot see. Mother Hildegarde chose a perfect name. Seeing the moments with Brianna. The rings on her fingers, the simple act of her child showing her an image brought Home to me the idea that Claire lived in physical comfort but mental anguish every day they are parted. For Jamie, he lived with the faith that his loves were safe, away from the difficulties he faced. Neither of them know that then, but in the telling of Faith’s journey and the unwitting conspirators, we see every ounce of pain each brings along. Catronia brings me to believe she’s lost such a wee love. Her work to prepare was thoughtfull, brilliant and perhaps a comfort to those who also walked the sad road. I agree that if this is overlooked by the Emmys, they are sham indeed. Bravo to the entire team.

  35. Catrina Balfe was amazing. I cried twice watching her give an outstanding performance. Having been thru a stillborn death with a friend, her portrayal of this was so believable. The hurt, anguish, anger….so true. Again the depths of the love shared by Claire and Jamie rises to the surface to encompass these two as they decide to deal with all that has happened together. Marvelous interpretation of the book!

  36. Caitrone Balfe makes the story so believable. I’ve never enjoyed a story so much. Thank You Ms Caitrone

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