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Last night, I was sitting at a high school district track meet watching the granddaughters strive to make the finals (they made it in 4 events whoo hoo!) and a chance to advance to the regionals.  It was spitting rain and bit cold and the events they participated in were spread out over the night.  I had some time to drink coffee and check in on what was happening in Outlanderland. Right before the hurdles, I was reading an article about how Diana Gabaldon was credited with saying there was a decision/scene in an upcoming episode of Outlander that “jumped the shark” (how is that for irony).  Not entirely sure what “jumped the shark” meant, I looked it up on Wikipedia.

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Jumping the shark” is an idiom popularized by Jon Hein that was used to describe the moment in the evolution of a television show when it begins a decline in quality, signaled by a particular scene, episode, or aspect of a show in which the writers use some type of gimmick in an attempt to keep viewers’ interest, which is taken as a sign of desperation, and is seen by viewers to be the point at which the show strayed irretrievably from its original formula. The phrase is based on a scene from a fifth-season episode of the sitcom Happy Days when the character Fonzie jumps over a shark while on water-skis.[

It wasn’t quite what I thought. I was under the impression that it meant that, in this case, the writers had strayed too far from the book characters or story.  I’m really hoping Diana thought the same and that what ever they did decide to do isn’t some fatal flaw that will haunt the show and signal its demise.  I still worry that the decision to end episode 1.16 differently might be a fatal flaw.  It certainly has changed the amount of time for viewers to see Jamie and Claire being intimate and connected. As I sat there thinking of possible scenarios for a shark jumping moment, I realized I had written about this back in December.  My vote for a shark jumping moment that could affect the story arc going forward and really piss fans off is bringing Leery back too soon. However, ultimately, as I stated in the article, the creative choices are not being made by Diana, even though at times she has gotten creative (and a bit sneaky) in getting her voice heard. They don’t have to share anything or listen to her, but… they do.  This could have gone so wrong, but it hasn’t.  I’m hoping what ever they did that gave Diana more than a pause won’t cause the show to go down the slippery slope that lead to Happy Days and Fonzie’s demise.

In other Outlander news, the fandom saw a portion of our ranks having a bit of an angsty breakdown about news of a season 3.  Despite reassurance from everyone associated with the show, in every way they could without getting themselves fired or in legal trouble, the worry continued.  “Why won’t they tell us already! We have a right to know!’, was the battle cry that encouraged fans to bombard Starz with emails and phone calls.

I have a friend who worked for decades in marketing.  She tries, the key word here is tries, to explain to me how the landscape of selling a show has changed. New laws, platforms, and foreign markets have made the automatic renewal of shows a thing of the past. Some articles published in the last few days seem to back up her assertion that things are way more complicated than we can possibly imagine and that no one is holding out on fans. An article I read yesterday, quoting the head of marketing from Starz, gave fans the closest thing to a green light I’ve seen.  A huge piece of their business plan is built on Outlander’s success and fan base and, “This summer, we’ll have Power and Survivor’s Remorse. This fall, we’ll have Ash vs Evil Dead and Blunt Talk. Next year, we’ll have the slate from this year with the addition of American Gods, and we have Havana Quartet in development.” Sounds like season 3 to me!


Episode 6 of Outlander season two ended in anguish.  We see Claire in the advance stages of pregnancy hemorrhaging.  We all know what’s coming whether you have read the books or not.  It has become painfully obvious that this isn’t the same pregnancy that she tells Frank about. As I predicted, viewers who haven’t read the books are already wondering how much one couple’s relationship can stand. The tender intimate moments between Jamie and Claire seem so few and far between.

What happens to Claire unfortunately happens to a lot of women.  However, despite being a common event, it is rarely or easily discussed.  I looked up statistics for miscarriage and found them very confusing.  Suffice it to say, depending on your definition of the word, miscarriages happen in up to 75% of conceptions.  Another statistic identified 1 in 5 “pregnancies” ended in miscarriage.  Common, devastating, but common.

As a people, we do not deal well with the death of a child. We don’t know how to properly express our feelings of empathy for the parent’s grief, but we understand why they would be devastated.  The unfathomable grief of losing a child is something we all understand. Miscarriage is another matter. We don’t know how to express our empathy over this kind of loss because…well…we don’t see a miscarriage as being the same thing as losing a child. No one would dream of telling a parent who has just lost their two year-old, “It just wasn’t meant to be” or “Don’t worry there will be other children”. But, these are expressions often heard by parents whose expectancy has ended in miscarriage. Grief over a miscarriage is less socially acceptable and poorly understood.

I was struck by the results of a new study that found that the grief over a miscarried child often lasts for years even after the birth of another child. And, that the loss of the unborn child affects men almost as strongly as women. Often these losses are wrapped up in guilt. The mother or father blames themselves, the other, or circumstances for the baby’s loss. “If only” or “if I didn’t” haunt the would be parents thoughts.

They will spend enormous amounts of emotional energy trying to explain why it happened,” Diamond says. “They often blame themselves, even when it is inaccurate, to help make sense of it. Women may torment themselves with guilt and blame, rewriting the story, so to speak: ‘If I hadn’t gone to the grocery store’ or ‘If I didn’t stay up so late.’ It’s a way of coping with the loss. I’ve come to see this as part of the grief process.”

Surprisingly, the guilt and grief doesn’t appear to be lessened if the length of the pregnancy is lessened.  The study pointed out that technology has made it possible to become intimately connected with our children in the womb. We know their sex and often are able to “see” their faces while they are yet unborn.  Being born doesn’t make them any less children or the loss any less greater to those who morn.

This Saturday, Outlander will show us the story of such a loss and the affects on the couple who suffered it. Like episode 15 & 16 that dealt with rape, I expect this episode to be difficult for many fans to watch and urge self-care.  I’m sure it will be handled with the same sensitivity and care the show has always shown sensitive subjects, but they have never shied away from making things real or showing us the truth.

This quote from a couple who miscarried really moved me, “The sadness met us forcefully. We wondered at the pain we felt for the loss of someone we never knew.”


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    this week’s Outlandish Anticipation post is up! Episode 7!

  2. Oh Beth, thank you for always being the voice of reason when some of the fans get passionate on things and start that ball rolling out of control! Both those items you addressed have distressed me, to see the angst on social media surrounding them – just reading your take helps to balance the scales. (I knew what jumping the shark meant but I wasn’t sure everyone else did, so glad you defined it.) I truly enjoy reading your previews on Wednesdays, and your thoughtful synopses after each episode. I am an avid book reader from Day One, love the TV series and all the heart that goes into it, and your writings so often just seem to reinforce what I am thinking.

    Paula McKenzie
  3. Thank you Beth for putting the next episode in perspective. First, some fans seem to feed on what they see as doomsday scenarios for Outlander the series. Rumors and misinterpretations are their fodder. Secondly, Please fans, keep your composure and be optimistic. Finally, thank you for addressing the issue of miscarriages. I had no idea they were so prevalent or the deep sorrow that is felt for the lose for so long. I believe that many fans will be touched with both Jamie and Claire’s situation. Pass the tissues please.

  4. So, what is the source for Diana’s “jumping the shark” comment? Is that a true quote from her? I find it odd that she’d use such a damning criticism of an upcoming episode. Would she really say publicly that they’ve ruined the show, even if she thought so? I can’t believe she didn’t know the meaning of the phrase, it is quite well-known and Diana doesn’t strike me as someone who would use an idiomatic expression without absolutely knowing it’s meaning.

    • Actually there are screen images of the exchange between Diana and fans from CompuServe. I believe that she also said that she loved the episode but that they stuck a scene in there that had nothing to do with the book, which she strongly advised them against and is going to make a lot of fans unhappy. I also think it odd that Diana would post something like that publicly before the episode or scene is aired. It is like she is trying to distance herself from it in advance instead of making a comment afterwards once she sees the fan responses. It has been confirmed that it is not the return of Laoghaire that she is referring to. If Laogharie makes an appearance it would likely be to make sure that we remember her because she is important in Voyager. By this point she has been married off to Colum’s tackman. She is likely still at Castle Leoch.

    • Compuserve and now several news outlets have picked it up

  5. well, I stand corrected. I am a little shocked that she would have publicly said what she did, but okay, cue the drama!

  6. As someone whose had 3 ectopic pregnancies and a miscarriage the loss stays with you. You process it and move on but it’s not forgotten. We do have a beautiful auburn haired son who is 27. There’s always hope.
    As for the upcoming episode I hope people don’t freak out. It’s all so good.

  7. Thanks for such a thorough, and balanced perspective. I’m enjoying Season 2 but truthfully it’s my least favorite book for a variety of reasons and I do feel that I have to get through it to get to my favorite book, Voyager. I am feeling some conflict over how they’re presenting this less than favorite book. On the one hand I love how they’ve handled Jamie’s suffering and PTSD. They did not have time for him to heal in Season 1 and have taken the time to address this in Season 2 – perfect as far as I’m concerned. Then they chose for Jamie and Claire to know BJR is alive rather than be surprised – no problem with this decision really. BUT, I’ve been having a hard time reconciling Jamie having that awkward conversation with BJR in front of the King when they do meet up. That Jamie would TALK to him and exchange pleasantries seemed so bizarre. Sam is doing a wonderful job but this was just not a good moment. I don’t buy the argument that they needed to appear civil in front of the King. Jamie could have ignored him completely with Claire filling in the gaps of the conversation then asking to leave, accompanied by Jamie. And then to let BJR touch him?? This whole part of the episode seemed so completely out of character. It’s my least favorite moment thus far. Not sure jumping the shark later could be any worse really.

    • Do you remember the seen with all of them in Alex’s room? J takes BJR home! 😳

      • Jamie is a compassionate man, even with those who do not deserve it. At that point BJR is a broken man, he is not the evil threat he once was and both Jamie and Claire can see that. He is in a downward spiral and he is losing the one person he cares about who loves him unconditionally. I wonder how they are going to portray that scene. In the book Alex is a cleric, thus he has the credentials to perform a legal marriage ceremony. In the TV series he is merely a clerk, there has been no mention of him being a cleric. That will be another tissue with a dram for comfort moment ; (

    • I totally believed that in front of the King, Jamie had to at least acknowledge that he and BJR were acquainted and he took the opportunity to dig into BJR a bit which the King picked up on and which led to the delicious humiliation of BJR in front of Jamie and Claire. I don’t believe Jamie “let” BJR touch him, it just happened. It made all of us cringe, but at that point Jamie’s challenge had been accepted and he was relishing finally getting his revenge. There was nothing BJR could have done to dampen the exhilaration Jamie was feeling at that moment, knowing that he was going to end BJR’s life. Jamie was giddy as he walked away.

      • I agree, Jamie had to acknowledge BJR. And he couldn’t have slapped his hand away when BJR touched him because any sign of violence in the King’s presence was highly punishable. Court rules were very strict no matter what the provocation. Plus, as you say, Jamie was happy to get his chance at revenge.

  8. My bff lost a baby in her 7th month nearly 20 years ago. She’s a book and show fan, but I’m tasked with giving her a heads up on the when that scene happens in the show – I don’t think she can bear to see it.

  9. Thank you Beth for being the voice of reason and for devoting so much to the subject of miscarriages. I lost a pregnancy in the first trimester in 1977 and since had two children now ages 33 and 30. I know that the baby was a boy so every time I meet a young man born in 1977 I wonder about that child, and what he would have looked like and what kind of a person he might have been. It really hit me hard when I was pregnant of my daughter and actually felt the first movement, experienced her birth and when I nursed her. I would often weep in my rocking chair at the remembrance of that loss. I trust that Tony Graphia and the other writers will show us the reality of such loss as they have with Jamie’s PTSD with truthfulness and sensitivity without being gratuitus. It is a game changer for them, as it should be, and should not be glossed over. I am a bit annoyed at people blaming Claire for the miscarriage. That late in the pregnancy she is probably experiencing a detachment of the placenta which probably would have happened even if she had been on bed rest. The fact that she was under constant stress, exhausted and pushing herself to the limits may have precipitated it happening at that specific moment, but it was going to happen. In the book, Claire blames Jamie at first, then herself, then both equally and finally she admits to Jamie that it probably would have happened anyway and it really wasn’t anyone’s fault. It doesn’t make it hurt any less, but at least they stop hurting each other over it.

  10. At Risk of bearing fandom angst, I rarely comment. However, there was furthering information posted my Maril (Tall Ships Production) that stated the comments on CompuServe from DG were related to an episode (not the upcoming one) in which DG did not agree with a minor plot point. I am just restating what the post stated.
    As to the return of Season 3, it would not make sense for the international runaway success that Outlander has become to not be renewed. It would be guaranteed to be successful and make money. Just bad business to drop it now. IMO

  11. Congratulations to your granddaughters! How exciting for them and what a proud grandparental moment!! Yesterday was certainly interesting in the fandom. It was actually kind of fun to speculate on what the “jump the shark” moment might be, but the level of angst eventually got tedious. I don’t know why I was surprised by how worked up folks got before even viewing the scene!! Thus is the power of the word of Dr Gabaldon. Anyway, moving on, I’m prepared for the events of ep 7. I’m known to be a bit of a crier, weepy even. My husband kindly refers to it as being “a touch emotional”. I’ve cried over commercials (clydesdales and puppies, c’mon), cartoons, the occasional card and books aplenty. I rarely, however, cry during TV shows. I have yet to shed a tear over any Outlander episode. I’ve gotten emotional, certainly, but not tearful. I’m wondering how I’ll fare on Saturday. It’s a topic close to my heart. Jamie and Claire’s reunion after the loss of their child is some of the most heartrending material I’ve ever read. On Saturday, I’ll have tissues at hand. We’ll see if I need them. And as to sharks and the jumping of them, I’m looking forward to seeing that episode and deciding for myself how well it fits in the Outlander story arc.

    • I agree that scene is one of the most poignant I’ve ever read and Clydesdales and puppies are krypton

    • GGW, I went and read the thread on CompuServe and DG states it does not have anything to do with Laogohair (sp?). I would recommend anyone that interested in the topic go look at the thread. I believe it was blown a bit out of proportion. DG did state that she “Would have a word” with Scotland Now, which is the outlet that did the screen grab / sensationalized the thread.

  12. Thoughtful … Have not watched any previews for this one so as to see it unfold in “real time” without comparing to book. Such a difficult subject … But Diana handles these issues w extreme compassion always. One expects Ron will as well.

  13. Thanks, Beth, for your clarification and insights. Your perspective is so worthwhile and spot on. I’ve listened to others’ commentary but when you write you direct your emotions and impressions directly to the facts at hand in such a true & timely manner.
    As to the probability of a season 3… I was listening to Ron’s podcast of one of the recent episodes and he mentioned actually beginning to write scenes for the next season. He didn’t make a big deal out of it but the preparation and choice for actual writers and directors was most evident. Thinking about it, how could they not do at the least a season 3 and the remainder of them? Yes, there are disagreements and criticisms from fans about particular interpretations of sacred events in the books but overall the reaction by fans – readers or not – has been far too positive and vast for Starz not to renew a sure money maker for them. I object to their minimal information about how many episodes they will show because after last year’s big hiatus between episode 8 and 9 (wasn’t it close to 6 months?) I felt they cheated a lot of us from facts to have to look forward to instead of the clever regret of DROUGHTLANDER. Who at Starz doesn’t see the writing on their walls? Yesterday I accidentally caught an article about the staging of some of the battle scenes. June 11th is the episode of the Battle of Prestopans which means the episodes are going to continue rather than being broken up. Hurrah!!! My objection is what does Starz have to gain by not telling the public about the scheduling. It’s like we have to hunt for information that should be readily available.
    How the writers interpret Jamie’s & Claire’s loss should be heart-wrenching. Their efforts thus far when it comes to sex, forward thinking on Claire’s part and so many of the underlining themes have been stellar thus far. Why would they discount the trauma and horrific sadness losing a child is at this point? One of the major draws on the part of this entire story is how TRUTHFUL it is. We have to stretch our imagination to believe in time travel, yes, but every other aspect of this marvelous tale is beautifully detailed by Diana and the writers, directors and actors regardless of the sensitivity of what we are watching. I’m addicted and find myself watching every episode 3 or 4 times more so as to pick up every last detail & nuance because Diana wrote such a beautiful, genius story I feel disloyal unless I can feel every piece of this enormous, magnificent epic!

    Chris Finklein
    • I don’t think Starz is being coy about the schedule for Season 2 – my assumption is always that a season runs in its entirety unless otherwise stated. It was stated with Season 1 that it would be broken into two parts because it was so long (16 episodes versus the usual 10 for most cable epic series like Game of Thrones and Black Sails) and they were still filming and editing the 2nd part of the season when the first part was running. Not to mention that the production crew and actors needed a well-deserved vacation. Now, I personally think they should have run two 8 episode seasons, making Book 1 a two season thing, which probably would have been cleaner to the viewership. On the other hand, was “I’ll thank you for taking your hands of my wife” a sufficiently strong season finale/cliffhanger?

    • Chris thanks for adding your thoughts to the conversation!

  14. Later in the stories it becomes a big issue that if Claire had a baby in the *past* she nor the infant was likely to have survived, she even *expected she would die* during Bree’s 20th century birth. In my opinion this is such an important theme in the series (even Jamie tells her he wants no more bairns cause he wouldn’t risk losing her) that it was crucial that she never actual go through a *birth* in the past (as part of the story). Book readers know this as part of the original story.

  15. Thanks Beth – you always seem to be able to grasp the issue and present it clearly without ruffling feathers – that is usually MY forte! LOL

    As someone with three ‘angels’ that never did manage to carry to term…..I’m not sure how I’ll handle this next episode. This year for the very first time, my mate got me something for Mother’s Day – not for HIS daughter that I raised and has since done some truly vile things and shut us out of her life. He said, “it’s for the other ones”………………….(and there go the waterworks again)…… We lost the last one back in 2002…14 years ago the 20th….I’ve never forgotten. Never as far along as Claire is with Faith….but enough. Physically it wasn’t as hard on me, but emotionally….

    I try to take from Outlander the same thing I take from any fiction I absorb….a perspective I myself have not lived. Another way to see things – new insights that will help me grow as a person; learn….heal. So much of DG’s writing is cathartic. She has been accused of promoting rape culture….yet I’ve seen countless posts from victims saying how much the Outlander story has helped them with their own healing. I really hope this episode will give those who have suffered this loss the opportunity to find and lean on other survivors if they need it. One of the good things about SM.

    As for the rest…..I am confident there WILL be a S3 so not stressing the ‘announcement’ and the angst…………….I’ve just not hung out on SM as much because I don’t need the extra negativity and drama in my life (part of why I haven’t blogged lately). It’s too bad some people feel the need to create drama and angst where there doesn’t need to be any. Someone actually asked Maril yesterday via Tweet how it felt to have the author stab them all in the back. I just shook my head, shut down twitter and worked on the baby blanket for my soon to arrive nephew.

    Well done, Beth – as usual 🙂 Beth Wolfe

  16. Thank you for your objective, balanced, and well-researched post. It’s been a helluva week on social media, esp. Maril and Terry getting “beaten up” by fan(atics). They’ve all been more more than gracious to share their insights with fans, and I fear that these attacks and negativity may jeopardize this. What a shame that would be for all of us!

    I was thinking about what Brenda Wall commented on in an earlier reply. If Claire had tried to go back through the stones with an infant, it either wouldn’t have been able to time travel or might not have survived the passage (even if we don’t learn these details until later books).

    I lost a baby at 12 weeks, and I remember my ex-husband taking it very hard. I just reassured myself with the knowledge that it often happens when a fetus has abnormalities, so it’s nature’s way of sparing us from further heartbreak. Just one point of clarification: late-term miscarriages (14-24 weeks) only occur in 2-3% of pregnancies.

  17. Beth, thanks again for your great insight. I have read and reread the books many times. I will again say that while the tv show is departing slightly – it is not enough to make me question, hate, be disappointed or be angry at how the story is being told. I admire the talents that are bringing us this great tale of love, history and Diana’s world of Outlander. Ok, that being said, I’m going to use this platform to ask that all your fans please take a second to send positive thoughts and prayers and energy to my beloved son-in-law, Noah, who is battling leukemia. He is putting up a tremendous fight. Because we know that Sam’s charity is Bloodwise, I believe that it might be appropriate to ask this of you. Thank you for your absolutely wonderful blog. It’s always such a pleasure to read what you have to say and all the great responses. And thanks for letting me send out to the blogosphere my wish to have anyone/everyone think of Noah, if for just a second. ❤️

  18. Thank you again for a sensible and thoughtful blog. My two daughters ran track and XC in high school which led to major scholarship money for college. Sitting in those bleachers for hours on end in the cold and the heat were worth it! I had three miscarriages in a row between my son and my oldest daughter’s births – all first trimester. It was gut wrenching for both me and my husband. What Claire and Jamie will go through is much more devastTing. Actually at that stage it is considered a stillbirth rather than a miscarriage. To watch your body grow and feel the baby moving is much more real than an embryo. Saturday will be painful for all of us who love J and C.

  19. Knowing DG, she probably meant that a plot point is unbelievable rather than the entire show is in decline. Sometimes she uses overly dramatic speech to describe her thoughts (e.g. Sam=grotesque).

    DG also said the issue is fixed in the next episode. Maril said it isn’t in ep 7, but later. Most think it’s in ep 8, but I’m not sure. It will be interesting to see if fans react the way DG thinks we will!

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  21. There is definately a great deal to find out about this issue.
    I really like all of the points you have made.

  22. Love your site and how caring you are when it comes to everyone’s feelings and opinions. Appreciate the lovely pictures, videos and articles, keep up the great work. Thanks a ton!

  23. Thank you Beth for supporting those of us who have gone through miscarriages. I have been a bit distraught by the Claire blaming that has been going on. It seems as though we are really good now about not blaming the victim except when it comes to losing babies. Unfortunately, it does happen all the time and we blame ourselves enough without others doing it. I lost one in 1976 and due to my cancer another in 1990 with no chance of trying again. I blamed myself and my body for the longest time. This episode and the next one are going to be hard enough without people all over my Facebook feed setting blame to a natural occurrence that most likely could not have been prevented. Thank you so much for being a calm and rational voice.

  24. Outlander has dealt with so many sensitive subjects which is both unsettling and refreshing in how they have been handled. I have not yet seen the episode, Faith, but I know what happens because I’ve read the books. I have seen the all of the previous 6 episodes – and honestly, I am not sure that I love the changes that have been made. I know that this is not the most popular book, however, I liked it. Without seeing the rest of the season 2, it is hard to say if the changes that they made will be worth it.

    • This episode proved to me that they do have a plan.

      • This episode was incredible. Just finished watching, and crying. The performances were simply heartbreaking – all the big and little moments like when Claire goes home and all the servants bow to her, and when she bows to Magnus. (okay, just made myself cry again). The music and the time they spent on that scene was just such beautiful story telling so rarely seen on television.

    • I have seen the episode Faith now. The acting was incredible. This series has had beautiful scenery, great acting and amazing costumes. Season 1 writing was unbelievable, but Season 2 is not impressive. I am really struggling to enjoy the story changes. In Season 1, the changes such as giving Angus and Rupert larger roles and in Season 2 Murtagh’s expanded role – all good because they enhance the story. I feel like the changes being made to Season 2 have no point. For me it is super frustrating to watch knowing what was in the book.

  25. Thank you for your kind and rational insights and for focusing on what’s important and what Outlander does best; real human emotional stories where actions have consequences. I don’t do social media of any kind, but do look at a few of the Outlander cast/crew’s Twitter feeds on line from time-to-time and just from the little bit I see there, I am amazed that they continue to engage so positively with the fandom. I’m sure the positive, supportive feedback far outweighs the negative, but it seems from time-to-time that it either piles up too high or gets rather vicious. It seems Terry, Meril and Matt have all had a difficult Twitter week this week.

    I have NO concern about there being a 3rd season, it will happen. Too much buzz, acclaim and too many award nominations, not to mention money invested, to toss it away after just 2 seasons. You invest that kind of money for the long run. At the risk of kicking a hornets nest here, I am curious WHEN we will see a season 3. If it is not even green-lit now and they haven’t begun to shoot at this point, much less do extensive prep, how could there be anything ready for April 2017? They started shooting S2 in April/May of 2015. That may be all a part of the extended conversation/negotiation for S3. Voyager is a hefty one, lots of ships and water that will take a lot of time and expense to shoot. I would not be surprised to see a broken up S3 like we saw for S1. That’s the only way I can imagine a S3 in April 2017. But I know nothing about making a TV show and they have all kinds of magic up their sleeves so I will zip my lip here and be very happy in the knowledge that there WILL be a S3.

    Thank you also for going beyond the hype and touching truthfully, emotionally and factually on the heart of the subject for ep7. At this point I have watched it and won’t hint at any spoilers other than I needed 12 kleenex that got very soggy and there were 4 specific points that broke my heart along with watching the whole episode in a state of verklempt . Look forward to reading your thoughts on the ep and discussing more after our ep7 post.

  26. 206 was amazing. Sam and Caite’s ability to create this kind of deep emotion is the best I’ve ever seen. Just the presence of Claire at the top of the steps when Jamie came home and the way he paused/walked up the steps conveyed love, anger and grief all at the same time. It hit me after reading some articles online. Forget where. Something about us seeing the printshop and a deviation from the storyline. “Mark me”…Season 3 will be announced at the last episode. They will show Jamie in the printshop as a foreshadowing. Makes perfect sense why they have waited so long. Voyager is one of my favorites and that scene is a top ten.

  27. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

  28. I was raised by parents that mourned all their married life (53 Years) because of 2 miscarriages…One being full term and one being 6 months…It was real for them…I was an only child due to these lost children…My parents are gone now but I still decorate the graves of two sisters I never had the chance to know…I have witnessed many many years the cemetery scene of this show…I praise the writers for the way they depicted this moving scene…It was touching and it was real….I was touched by the fact that Clair and Jamie were dressed up to go to this grave..My parents back in the 50’s would quite often dress up to go to the cemetery to place flowers on the graves…They felt it was showing respect to be in nice clothes…

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