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From Radio Times

Outlander has been crowned the winner of Division 1 in’s inaugural League of Fandoms.

“This is a victory, not only for Outlander but for all fandoms!” star Sam Heughan told “The competition has been fierce and proves how dedicated all the fan bases are… Thank you to everyone who voted for us!”

“Outlander grows stronger each season and we are so happy to have increased our fan base,” he continued, adding: “The second half of this season is so strong and I’m very proud of it. Tune in weekly on Amazon. Everything is about to change and fate really has dealt Jamie and Claire a bad hand this time…”

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  1. I haven’t read the books yet, but i saw all the 1st season and now i’m following the 2nd one. I record all 1st season.

    I hope that Jamie and Claire have a happy ending together.

    It’s an historical series and at the same time romantic. Indeed a love story.

    I wonder if the stuff is thinking record a 3rd season. Sorry, Sam and Caitriona, but it’s hard to see a good serie come to the ending.

    Regards from Sintra, Portugal.

    Love xxx

    Carla da Silva Manita
  2. It is always a roller coaster rider when one is reading or watching “Outlander”. I am hoping each and every book will come to television too!!!!!😊

  3. Outlander didn’t just win, we conquered! Outlander fans rock!

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