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Here is a new Q and A with Andrew Gower from Access Hollywood

EP 2

From Access Hollywood:

Before the devastating ending in Saturday night’s “Best Laid Schemes” episode of “Outlander,” the Frasers scored a small victory in their fight to stop Bonnie Prince Charlie from getting closer to his own goal of leading an uprising in Scotland. 

Claire’s knowledge of herbs and medicines, combined with Murtagh’s ability to impersonate a bandit and Jamie’s ability to keep things from going awry allowed them to steal the Comte Saint Germain’s expensive load of spirits. The Comte was furious (but unable to definitively point his finger at Jamie Fraser), but Prince Charles Stuart, who planned to use the funds from the sale of the alcohol to secure ships and pay soldiers, was devastated. 

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Although set in Paris, much of the Season 2 drama has been focused on stopping the “Bonnie Prince,” played by English actor Andrew Gower. Andrew (who Sam Heughan has praised, calling him “magnificent in the role”) hit the books before slipping on the salmon-colored silk coat of his “Outlander” character, diving deeply into the details, all the way down to the accent. In a new interview, he told Access Hollywood more about his preparation for the role, and offered insight into his character’s tearful reaction after the loss of the cargo in Saturday night’s episode. First of all, you must be aware of the ‘Mark Me!’ drinking game [some fans have made up], yes?
Andrew Gower:
(laughs) Yes, I am. And I hope people are drinking safely, and maybe doing it like, every other ‘Mark me!’ and not on every one, because I don’t want to be encouraging bad hangovers on a Sunday. 

Access: What did you think when you first heard about that?
It’s very, very sweet and I think it’s quite fitting really, that they’ve invented that game, seeing as every time I’m saying, ‘Mark me’ at the moment, I seem to be holding a glass of wine or some alcohol. So I think it’s a fitting game if ever there was one.

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