New Interview of Lionel Lingelser with Yahoo   1 comment

New Interview of Lionel Lingelser with Yahoo


From Yahoo

How familiar were you with Outlander before you got the job?
Before the audition, I did not know the show or the books at all. I just heard of the success of the show in the United States when I went to audition for the role. It has all be a big surprise for me — the show, how good it is, how good the books are, what happens to everyone and most of all the fans and how many they are. After the casting, I read the book. Before that, it was only important for me to get the scent of the scene I had to audition with. But after my agent called me I began to read all the books from Diana. Then I discovered the first season.

What scene did you read for your audition?
It was a scene with Caitriona when the King is speaking to her very, very close. She comes to Versailles. It has not been on yet. So I should not talk more about it. It is in episode 7.

You can read the entire interview here

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