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Here’s a new portrait and interviewof Caitriona Balfe from Vanity Fair


From Vanity Fair

Outlander’s Caitriona Balfe on Becoming Thoroughly Modern for Money Monster

“You’re going to get the brunette roles,” an acting teacher once told Caitriona Balfe, back when the 36-year-old was making a transition from a modeling career to acting. She wasn’t sure what it meant at the time, but her career may explain it; after breaking out as the strong-willed Claire Fraser on Starz’s hit Outlander, Balfe appears in her first major film role in this week’sMoney Monster, playing yet another woman challenging the world around her—who, yes, is a brunette.

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Lucky for all of us, Balfe was already prepared. “Right before I got the audition, I remember reading this article in Rolling Stone about this woman, Alayne Fleischmann, who was a whistleblower for Chase,” she explained. Also a fan of Vanity Fair contributor Michael Lewis’s books about the finance world, like Flash Boys, Balfe says she has “a fascination for the world of economics” but admits, “My knowledge level is far outweighed by my fascination.” She describes economics as the “backdrop” of Money Monster, but praises the way director Jodie Foster brings out the personal stakes; “You see the consequences of how things like this effect everyone’s lives, and I just thought that was really beautiful.”

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