New Sam Heughan Photoshoot with Haute Living   12 comments

New Sam Heughan Photoshoot with Haute Living 


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12 responses to “New Sam Heughan Photoshoot with Haute Living

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  2. OMG! YUM! Look at that A**. Mmmm mmm😛

  3. OMG!!!that blue suit fits him verra verra well!!!!!that seems closer to his natural hair colour Hope that does not mean no S3!! Please please
    Please let there be more seasons. S3 for a start!!

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  5. Thanks for sharing the lovely pics of Sam Heughan

  6. What a body, gonna have wet dreams tonight!! Love love LOVE the pics, thanks for sharing.

  7. We can see his thing in those tight blue pants. I don’t want to see that. Let’s get a grip people. What do you think? Only if it’s something your daughter doesn’t mind hearing from her mother.

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    • The polite thing to say is, he dresses to the right … and it is style not porn. If you have a male in your life check it out and you will see the same thing. Good grief. Your boobs show in your blouse don’t they? Same thing. Slow yourself down.

  8. Why are some of the photos jpeg’s and others pngs?

  9. Blue is his color….and in the suit the only thing missing is the name……….BOND, JAMES BOND.

  10. Nice pics!!!

  11. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

    I might be much older but I can still appreciate youth and he is very appealing to the eyes.

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