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Here’s a new picture of Sam Heughan from today



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  1. do not know why but I always feel that behind that lovely smile, he is in pain, like he has something heavy on his chest…

    • This is not his exuberant, happy-inside-coming-out smile that we so often see, especially when he’s with other people. It looks like the smile-for-the-camera smile that we all have – it’s a surface smile. He may get pretty tired of being in the limelight at times. I can’t even imagine being owned by the public. Well, I guess that I can!

    • We’re two… A weird feeling. But I didn’t knew many other photo. Are you a psychologist? I love body-language

    • I agree with b. Morgan, there are times also to me that Sam looks lonely so I wish he could find his soul mate in real life to share his ups and downs, his successes and failures and be loved “Truly”!

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  3. Sam looks exhausted in this picture like all he wants to do is lie down and sleep for 12 hours. Despite the fact that women are throwing themselves at Sam, he strikes me as the kind of person who needs and wants a meaningful relationship, a partner to share his life with and I don’t think he has that. Outlander has taken over his life. He has mentioned in interviews that it is hard to keep something going when you are away all the time, so unless he finds someone linked to Outlander or in Scotland, he is challenged to find someone. He bought a house in L.A. while he was there for the S2 premier week, so at least he will have a home there. No more Air B & B apartments. In a recent interview Cait was asked if she was single and she said “No, but I don’t talk about it”. So she has someone at least. I know the “shippers” would love to see Sam and Cait together, but they have been very clear on that subject.

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  5. Tired or not, Sam always looks handsome. To me he is the most handsome man on the iniverse!

  6. He looks exhausted. He probably just needs time to decompress from shooting & promoting Outlander and just be Sam.

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