New Video Featurette ‘The Resurrection of Black Jack Randall’   4 comments

Here is a new video with the cast and crew of Outlander on the return of Black Jack Randall

4 responses to “New Video Featurette ‘The Resurrection of Black Jack Randall’

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  4. Randal is truly a dark warped attempt of a human – the scene where BJR accidentally meets up with Claire and Jamie and where the King approaches is truly well executed by ALL Characters contributing to that scene. The King was so yummy. The gardens were so lovely. It was SO enjoyable to watch the King verbally knock Randal down a peg – SWEET! Jamie & Claire bring such depth to the series (Outlander) their marriage is maturing although constantly facing such difficult strain – hopefully their loyalty to one another will pull them through. It would be so nice to see Jamie & Claire have a BIT of peace where their family & clan gives them a rest – geesh – I doubt that will happen tho.

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