“Untimely Resurrection” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*   22 comments

What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments!

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

22 responses to ““Untimely Resurrection” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. So glad you’ve brought back these discussions! This episode was outstanding. Sam and Cait in that last scene acted their asses off. I’m still thinking about that scene hours later. Tremendous work. Didn’t like Claire’s manipulation of Mary and Alex’s happiness, or her emotional manipulation and blackmail with ‘you owe me a life’ but all of that and how it was founded in her guilt was well written and acted. I wish we’d heard Jamie telling BJR he had no right to call him by his first name but maybe that will come. This season gets better and better each ep.

  2. When BJR touched Jamie’s chest I could not believe Jamie is not know the ever loving stuffing out of him.

    Sarah Burnette
  3. Tops in costume design, got to have an Emmy here, as in a few other catergories!

  4. This was my favorite episode in season 2. Kudos to Richard Kahan. We didn’t have any new “business” to tackle, no new characters…so we had a chance to FEEL again. And boy, did we FEEL. Sam and Cait brought me to tears. Jamie looked so betrayed by Claire’s choice to protect Frank’s very existence. I keep thinking of Claire’s speech in chapter 36 where she wondered if Jamie wouldn’t have been better off if She had never appeared in his life, given all the pain and suffering that ensued. But he responded by reminding her that Adam didn’t throw Eve out of the garden and called her his “wee rib”. I hope we get back to that sacred space with these 2 soon.

  5. My favorite scene (but truly there are many) is when Louis told Black Jack to beg. It was a moment of sweet vengeance for Jamie, I think, to see Jack beg.

  6. I loved the scene between Murtagh and Jamie where he felt he had betrayed him. It was done so well. The scene where BJR was humiliated was awesome! Everyone acted the mess out of each scene. Such an excellent show. That last scene was amazing. I’m letting it all sit for awhile and I’ll watch it again Monday probably.

  7. The best episode yet! They were all tremendous and we had time to really experience and savor the entire story line. The pacing was superb and the writing excellent. The final scene with Jamie and Claire was just wonderful, but then every scene was more than I could have imagined.

    Lea Ann Flanagan
  8. My have the tables turned for BJR. When King Louis told him to beg. That was a great scene. Lionel played a wonderful King Louis. I feel so bad for Alex. Laurence was wonderful in this scene as well…so heartbreaking although I can’t wait to see how this all plays out in the screen between BJR, Alex, and Mary Hawkins. These episodes leave more wanting more!!!

    -Gerri Jenkins
  9. Cannot applaud the acting in this episode enough. The pacing, the blocking and directing were perfection. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Sam look so comfortable in the role of Jaime. Caitriona was superb as always. She can emote more with just the slight movement of her mouth and chin than many actors with their entire body. I like the way the episode moved from tête a tête to tête a tête.

  10. Wow. Loved seeing Tobias back. I also really like Alex and Fergus. Im a little tired of Murtagh though. He needs to get his own life!! Especially liked is interaction with Cait. But I have memory of the last scene.

  11. Finally…….Tobias…….BJR…….still as good as always in the part! Love his creepiness! Let the games begin.

  12. Well if this doesn’t get them an Emmy or Globe award nothing will. Superb acting by all. There were several highlights for me in this episode. First was seeing two emotionally opposite scenes with Jamie and Claire. The loving and tender scene where he gives her the apostle spoons and they talk about parenting and learning it together SIGH : ) and then the visceral final scene where Claire puts Jamie, their marriage and their dream of a family at risk to protect Frank. I have always though it unfair of Claire to play the “you owe me a life” card. Jamie saved her from the witch trial and also from Ft. William when BJR had her an knife point. She is counting the physical rescue from Wentworth and the rescue of his soul at the abbey as two separate events. Even with that double dipping on her part they are even, and to then throw it in his face like he owes her a debt has never sat well with me. (I am on my 4th read of the series). I also did not like the addition they did where she talks Alex out of marrying Mary. She is working on partial information with no idea as to whether she is meddling in what was supposed to have happened leaving a lot of hurt people she supposedly cares about in her wake. Jamie comes out on top when it comes to moral ground. I don’t blame him for not wanting her to touch him. Another highlight for me was when King Louis humiliated BJR, in the gardens of Versailles with all those witnesses in front of Jamie and Claire. The looks on Tobias’ face were priceless. His near giddiest over the irony of their paths crossing again and the way he stalked around Claire was creepy. No one can do creepy like Tobias. This was a marvelous episode and we only have 8 left ; (

  13. Aaaaaaabsolutely amazing!!!

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    Kathy Blattman
  14. The entire episode is a crescendo of emotions till the very end when Claire asks for too much. “You owe my a life” breaks Jamie’s heart (and mine too), but he his love for her and his honour are so immense that he makes that promise. When he kisses his sword, his eyes are cold like and his facial muscles are tense as his heart had broken into pieces. “Do not touch me” contains all his pain and betrayal. Sam’s performance is beyond perfection. However the pivotal moment is the scene in the gardens (Versailles) when the King (Lionel Lingelser is stellar), Jamie, Claire, and JBR have their conversation. Each of them represents a a different world, wears different clothes, has a very different story and yet is so connected to the others’ life. French is the only common ground, and the King who sees JBR for what he is – an enemy to the French crown – humiliates him in any possible way. That’s a first for JBR who’s used to abuse the others because of his Red Coat. And the humiliation on JBR’s face proves (if proof was needed) that Tobias is a great, great actor.

  15. Each episode gets better. I wanted to slap Claire when she was interfering in Alex & Mary’s lives and again, especially, when she told Jamie he owed her a life. If BJR had done to my husband what he did to Jamie, I would hold his coat and hand him his sword for the duel, not keep reminding him of Frank. But then, we know what she doesn’t know.

  16. Wow! Fabulous episode. Jamie is back! Randall is as cocky and pleased with himself as ever. I wanted to kill him myself. The last scene with Claire and Jamie is riveting, powerful and shows the depth of their feelings for each other. Can’t wait for next week!”

  17. Claire is going way over the line in this episode….meddling in Alex and Mary’s relationship…being so rude to Murtagh…and throwing out ultimatums to Jamie. This lady has a fatal case of tunnel vision! Loved Jamie’s expression when the King made BJR get down on his knees to beg for help. Emotions were all over the place tonight!

  18. The last scene was intense…..so wish all episodes were available for streaming it is so tough to wait each week…..but not as tough as the agony that will be (I hope) waiting for Season 3…even though I know they deserve a break….I just love every minute with this perfection cast….and all the work in the planning….thank you so much to one and all.

  19. I already watched it twice in a row tonight. It is superb. I love season 2 as much if not more than season 1. Sam (especially him), Cait and Tobias should win an Emmy and Golden Globe and so should Terry for the fabulous costumes.

    Astrid Doolaege
  20. What the hell does Tobias do with his mouth that makes him so unbelievably creepy as BJR? It churns my stomach every time he does it!

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  22. All the heartbreak from the “book” the series and these stellar actors gives Diana’s words life

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