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When Claire and Jamie Fraser aren’t busy plotting to thwart a major royal overthrow on this season of “Outlander,” they’ve been preoccupied with repairing their broken marriage. This has turned out to be a more challenging mission than that whole stopping-the-Jacobite-Rebellion thing, as both have been plagued by the memories of one Captain Jonathan Wolverton “Black Jack” Randall, who raped and tortured Jamie at the end of season 1.

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Throughout the first few episodes of season 2, the news that Black Jack hadn’t been killed during Jamie’s Wentworth Prison rescue (as previously assumed) threatened to destroy Claire and Jamie’s relationship forever. But in tonight’s episode, the couple were forced to confront their greatest adversary when the British Redcoat resurfaced in the unlikeliest of places – in the gardens at the French palace of Versailles.

Other than in a smattering of dreams/flashbacks, this was the first time viewers saw Black Jack since he was trampled by a herd of cattle in the season 1 finale. True to form, the character’s re-emergence was disturbing, for both the Frasers and the audience.

But it would be too easy for “Outlander” to have resurrected its season 1 villain if he didn’t play a vital role in the new episodes. In what could be the worst affront to the Fraser marriage yet, it’s Claire who must delay a determined Jamie from killing off his tormentor – because doing so would prevent the existence of her 20th-century husband (and Black Jack’s descendant), Frank Randall.

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