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From Access Hollywood:

Not long after learning his tormenter was still alive, Jamie Fraser came face-to-face with Black Jack Randall in Saturday night’s “Outlander.”

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The two bumped into each other at a garden party at Versailles, right in front of King Louis XV (Lionel Lingelser). Since the law forbade anyone from drawing a sword in the presence of the King – under penalty of death – the moment was tense and filled with plenty of subtext.

“What’s fun about that is to play all that history between the three of us through the lens of being in front of the French King and the sort of etiquette that’s required with that,” Tobias Menzies told Access Hollywood when we asked him what he enjoyed about shooting the scene. “What’s good about that is it puts a kind of a lid on. That came out through sort of discussion in rehearsal — to sort of take all that emotion and then jam it into that situation I think pays dividends because it then becomes incredibly sort of like, what the hell do you do in that situation?”

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