2 New Stills of Jamie and Claire from Outlander Episode 2×04   3 comments

2 new stills of Jamie and Claire from Outlander Episode 2×04


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3 responses to “2 New Stills of Jamie and Claire from Outlander Episode 2×04

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  1. Finally a good episode worthy of the books. Claire should have slapped Jamie into next week when she discovered bite marks on upper theighs. Not very fond of season 2 Jamie so far being out every evening drinking and evidently whoring all night. If he had “truly , one of Jamie’s oft used expressions, saved himself to return home to his WIFE then how did a whorls mouth get that close to his private parts? Claire shouldn’t have crawled after him. He never even apologized for his bad and unhusband like behavior. Is it on purpose or just bad makeup and lighting that Clair looks much older and very sour this season? Even in the beautiful cloths she comes off looking prunish. Curiously anxious to see how/if they age them both for next book. For some reason when reading book 3 and 4 the vison of Jamie is of Gerrard Butler with long wild red hair and beard. Maybe Roger and Breanna can put the spark back into this season for me.

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