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Outlander part deux is moving ahead rapidly.  Overall, the show has been well received.  I don’t think anyone would argue about the value the amazing costumes and sets have added to the narrative. We have been introduced to new characters and once again marveled at the perfect casting.  After each episode, we are awed by how many plot points they can fit into an hour!   This is a quality produced, directed, filmed, acted, and…written show.

I’m focusing on the written part this week because one of our Twitter friends, Richard Kahan, has penned Outlander episode 5 “Untimely Resurrection”.  He has been part of the Outlander writing team since the beginning, but this is the first episode where he is being identified as the “writer”.  He jokingly said that last Sunday began a week of shameless self-promotion!  LOL!  Let’s see if we can help him a bit!

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Richard Kahan was born in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada and shares a birthday with my daughter who is four years his senior which makes me …old.  He has had roles in independent films, and was a bona fide heart-throb on the Canadian teen series, “Edgemont”, which had a successful five season run on CBC/ FOX Family.

He has had guest starring roles on “Stargate: Atlantis” and “Eureka” for Syfy, “Supernatural” and “Smallville” for The CW. Kahan was also a series regular on four seasons of USA’s multi-Emmy nominated series, “The 4400″.  He has played on shows like Starz’ Crash”, CBS’ “The Mentalist”, and “Grey’s Anatomy”.

He has said that he has always written, but has retired from acting after 20 years to concentrate on pursuing a writing career.  He has been mentored by writer Ira Steven Behr who brought him on to the Outlander team which then led to Richard writing Episode 5.

“Untimely Resurrection”

I’m excited to see how the show handles this particular material because it was one of the major scenes I identified pre-season as potentially award winning and crucial to the story-line:


This scene follows on the heels of Jamie discovering that Jack Randall is alive.  Claire knows that Jamie will challenge Jack to a duel.  It is hard to tell how the writers will fit this scene into the story, but it is so vital I can’t imagine it would be left out.   We will see Claire struggle with the knowledge that if Jamie kills Jack he will also be killing Frank.  Desperate to keep Jamie from killing or being killed she tells the authorities that Black Jack is guilty of rape and he is put in jail before Jamie can challenge him in a duel.

The scene that follows when Jamie realizes what she has done is filled with feelings of betrayal, disbelief, and then outrage when she begs him to promise not to kill Black Jack for her sake.

“How can you ask it of me?  You of all people…”

How could she ask him? How could she not? This scene will ask the viewer the questions “What would you ask of or do for those you love?” and “What are you willing to risk to do the right thing?”  Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan will have the chance to show us.


When I wrote this article, I had no idea who was going to write the episode, but I knew it would be so filled with potential that someone was going to get a chance to write some amazing scenes!  Let me repeat that I love how the show has integrated Jamie’s trauma and recovery into the story. The writers have given Jamie’s warrior spirit the knowledge that Jack Randall still lives and it has played a major role in his recovery process.  Jamie believes that Jack is still in Scotland, but the idea of his someday being able to get revenge has given him hope.  It is obvious from the previews that Jack doesn’t stay in Scotland and Jamie’s chance at revenge looks to be coming sooner rather than later. We all suspect that Claire is going to ask him to not do the very thing he most desires and needs. She will effectively take away the hope that has given Jamie a chance to find his way back to himself. What this will do to their relationship and to Jamie’s recovery is something I would have loved to have written, but Diana Gabaldon and now Richard have gotten that pleasure!  So far, the scenes have played out differently than in the books, but there hasn’t been a single one that I could have said “might not have happened”, all have been in keeping with the story line and the character’s motivation.  I’m not anticipating anything different in Episode 5.

The scene when Claire asks Jamie to spare Black Jack’s life for Frank’s sake is one of the most emotionally charged scenes I have ever read.  It is also one of the most character revealing. Claire is risking everything because she cannot ignore the possibility that they hold Frank’s very life in their hands.  We have already seen her risk going to the stake for her integrity and in this scene, we will once again see Claire in a position to make a life-altering choice, a choice that puts her very happiness and possibly her husband’s sanity in jeopardy.  Her highly developed conscience won’t let her condemn an innocent man, a man she once loved, a man she abandoned.

I get this about Claire.  Like her, I too would have told Jamie about Black Jack’s survival and asked him to spare Jack’s life for Frank.  I couldn’t have lived with myself if I didn’t and like Claire, I would have accepted the risk to my own happiness.  The risk to my own happiness I could handle, but to hurt Jamie…again…shattering…gut wrenching.  How could she ask him?

How could she not?

Can’t wait to see how you’ve written it Richard!  I have the whisky and tissues ready!

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  2. Dearly love this show . Look forward to this gut-wrenching episode, but must say that episode 4 with Jamie opening up about his trauma was definitely award-worthy in writing and Sam’s portrayal. That speech and the preceding episodes, captured emotions magnificiently of the assault to his soul and their marriage.

  3. Just when we finally have an episode where Jamie and Claire come back to each other in such a beautiful way, in walks Black Jack Randall. The blue glow of Ep4 will go dim, the flame of Jamie’s need for revenge and closure will burn, and Claire’s determination to prevent anything that could jeopardize Frank’s existence will put their relationship on a dangerous precipice. Although the circumstances that caused BJR to go to Paris are not clearly explained in the book, I surmise that it was the Duke of Sandringham who summoned him to rouse Jamie, knowing he would challenge BJR to a duel, which is illegal in France and could result in Jamie being imprisoned at the King’s pleasure. This would effectively neutralize Jamie’s influence with Prince Charles and King Louis and allow the Duke to proceed with his plans unencumbered. I always thought it was the Duke who alerted the authorities about the duel so that Jamie could be apprehended. The Duke has influence with King Louis and makes sure Jamie won’t get released any time soon. I find it interesting that in the TV series, they have made the Duke and LeComte “associates”. So in the TV version, are the Duke and LeComte conspiring together to remove Jamie by threatening his wife and unborn child or is this a “red herring”? Only time will tell, but as you said, the adaptations made have all been plausible in Diana’s world of Outlander and I have found them both creative and credible. I think the entire team is doing an admirable job with the impossible task of fitting Dragonfly in Amber into 13 55 minute episodes.

    • Loved this response! Do mind if I share?

    • re: “Claire’s determination to prevent anything that could jeopardize Frank’s existence”…if Frank doesn’t exist, neither could Claire & Jamie’s relationship since (English) Claire would not have been on either honeymoon with Frank touring a variety of ancestral landmarks in Scotland. Also, there would be no incentive for her to visit, let alone pass through the stones at Craigh na Dun making it highly unlikely she would fall back to the 18th century – a consequence which would ultimately give Jamie serious pause.

      • Totally agree with you…. that’s what I said in my post too….why doesn’t she present it to Jamie that way???

  4. Between you and Kathy, there is nothing left for me to say! Warily looking forward to this episode.

  5. Love this blog!! Can’t wait to see how the writer will handle ep. 205 re: Claire and Jamie’s discussion re: killing Blackjack Randall. If I were Claire, maybe I would approach the subject with Jamie like this: Claire says to Jamie: “Since we don’t know what effect changing the future has on people and events in the future, if you kill Blackjack Randall now, before his time, Frank will not exist which will change many things. It would mean I will not marry Frank; end up on my second honeymoon in Scotland; fall through the stones; find, marry and fall in love with you; and become pregnant with our baby…” This explanation and form of persuasion to postpone the dual, and eminate death of Randall or Jamie would certainly be better than the reasoning that Claire provides to Jamie for her request; which is so devastating to Jamie. Personally im exhaused with claore in the book and the TV adaptation with Claire and all her concern for Frank, at the expense of Jamie’s well being and recovery. Hasn’t she made a choice?? Hasn’t Jamie sacrificed everything for her, including his body??? So, I’m  with Jamie’s reaction to her request on this one! I think Jamie could handle my suggested explanation and would be more willing to postpone his revenge for one year as Claire suggests..if she would show her care is directed to him first and foremost…and Frank second….I’m just saying……LoL!

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