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Here is a new interview with Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe from Vulture

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From Vulture:

When production designer Gary Steele and set decorator Gina Cromwell came up with the idea for a fabulous blue velvet-and-damask daybed in the parlor of Jamie and Claire’s Parisian apartment, they knew it would be a great place to have sex — they just didn’t know who would get to take advantage. “It was kind of a joke,” writer Toni Graphia said. “‘Well, now somebody’s got to have sex in there, because that’s an awesome set.’ We wanted somebody to be caught doing the deed in there, and we thought it should be Murtagh and the maid.”

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So how did it become Claire and Jamie? Showrunner Ron D. Moore, co-executive producer Maril Davis, and Graphia were discussing how our couple could reconnect after all the trauma Jamie suffered at the hand of Black Jack Randall. “We didn’t want them to just reconnect,” Graphia said. “We wanted it to be special. It’s not just one night Jamie rolls over, and tonight’s the night, ‘We’re going to have sex. I’m over this trauma.'”

The trauma — which we glimpse whenever Jamie has tried to have sex with Claire, but ends up seeing his tormenter’s face — is something the TV adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s book series has tinkered with, since we get Jamie’s point of view more often and can see why Jamie’s been distant from Claire. “I just feel like as the TV show went forward,” Moore said, “you wanted to start broadening the perspective, and say it’s really Claireand Jamie’s story.”

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