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Here is a new interview with Stanley Weber from TV Line


From TV Line:

Outlander‘s Claire Beauchamp Fraser goes by many names: “Sassenach,” “Lady Broch Tuarach” and “madonna” are a few favorites. But Stanley Weber, who plays the villainous Le Comte Saint Germain in Starz’s historical drama, has another to add to the list:

“She is ‘the fuel of his rage,’” he tells TVLine in advance of this week’s episode, which finds the French aristocrat having several highly charged run-ins with the Frasers. “Claire and Jamie help to enrage him and infuriate him. They push him, definitely.”

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The French actor made his Outlander debut in the season premiere, when Claire’s snap (and spot-on) diagnosis of a sailor with smallpox led to the burning of St. Germain’s ship — and the pricey cargo it carried.

“When he sees his boat burning, it’s huge. And it’s because of her,” Weber says. “On the other hand, he’s not an easy guy to deal with. He’s really concerned with his own purposes, which is to thrive and reach the top of the court, being close to the king and having a wealthy business. As soon as the Frasers step in, it’s a threat. And he deals with threats by being radical.”

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