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What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments!

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

18 responses to ““Useful Occupations and Deceptions” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  2. I really liked this episode. Think the best of season. So wonderful to see Jamie really start to come into his own, tho dread the reveal coming on Black Jack and the inevitabilitu of Culloden.

  3. Brilliant episode! It is continuing to build into the story we love. Sure, it may deviate a bit but not so much where we are wondering what the heck! I love the angry side of Jamie and the questioning side of Claire. They are both so out of water, it is really interesting to see how the writers are making the story come alive. Opposite of what we watched in Season One where Jamie was the innocent and Claire the assured and practiced. The presence of Murtaugh is wonderful. I love that he is having a little on the side with Suzette – he is just not the crabby guy that is always shown. He has heart and apparently a libido! And that he continues to be Claire’s ally is a lovely add-on. They surely have some kind of brother/sister relationship thwt I appreciate. When Claire finally divulges her knowledge of BJ to Jamie as I’m sure she will, I’m glad that Murtaugh will be there for support. They are surely condensing the book, but in the best way, I believe. I think that next week episode will be one of those episodes that will be so satisfying – in Jamie and Claire’s relationship – in their quest – in the pregnancy. I love how this season is building. Sort of like Season One – a slow burn but it took eight episodes to consummate their love. All of the episodes building up to that were amazing. 18th century Scotland – beautifully portrayed. My husband (a 100% Scot) is now watching Season One from the start and is wondering what took him so long to get on board. Wow, is he in for a lovely ride. I don’t keep track of the language discrepancies – sorry for those French speaking people who are finding some errors. I just know that Season Two is everything I wanted it to be and possibly more!

  4. May I first applaud the casting director for Outlander. She is hitting it out of the ballpark finding the perfect actors to bring these characters to life. Add to that the visual world created by Gary Steele and Terry Dresbach for these talented actors to play in and you have a feast for the eyes. Behr McCready’s music supports the story beautifully. The 18th century music is marvelous. Loved meeting Mother Hildegard and Bouton. I think they did a good job of condensing the essence of how they met, what Claire did to gain Mother Hildegard’s respect and trust and the role Mother Hildegard played in decoding the music which gave Jamie and Claire their first breakthrough in finding out who is contributing to the Jacobite war chest. Although the way Jamie and Fergus met in this episode was totally different from how they met in the book, I think this version was believable, expedient and really worked. I love that Fergus stole Sawny and was found out. I think this little man is going to give everyone a wild chase and will be fun to watch. The biggest “addition” was Murtagh bedding Claire’s maid. I love that Ron Moore has expanded the character of Murtagh, showing that he is a normal man with healthy sexual appetites (thought his eyes would fall out of his head when he saw the red dress and the “swan” dress). Duncan LaCroix is shining this season and provides not only comic relief but a warmth and comfort for Claire. What continues to be disturbing and heartbreaking is the increased estrangement between Claire and Jamie. The lack of even a peck of a kiss hello or good-bye shows the extent of the distance between them. So much frustration, anger, resentment and bitterness. Painful to watch, but it will get worse before it reaches a breaking point and they have to choose to fight for their relationship above all things. Sam is playing Jamie realistically despite the fact that many book fans are crying out for the Jamie they knew and loved in the books. We have to remember that Jamie comes to Paris immediately after his torture and rape with no time to recover physically or psychologically before taking on this enormous mission to change history. The pressures and pretenses are making things worse instead of better with time. I am glad they are dealing with the painful reality of what this kind of trauma can do to a person and those he loves. Jamie is forever a changed man and he will evolve and emerge with a different perspective on life but the essence of who he is as a person in his soul will shine once again. Before that happens, he must face his demon which evidently will happen in Episode 5 when BJR returns. As Sam has said in interviews, the return to Scotland will be very healing for he and Claire. (As it was for the actors happy to get back into wool, kilts and the great outdoors).

  5. Agree! Although this week, when Jamie toasted Claire and gave her credit to her support, I think that bodes well for next episode being loving and not so distant. I do love that the show is taking its time with this. It’s realistic – and I appreciate the care and nuances the writers are taking to bring this story to us. Can I also say that Mother Hildegard is fabulous.

  6. Of all episodes to rewatch season 2 episode 3 so far would be last on list. Glad Murtagh is finally getting some much deserved bedroom action. So NOT loving the huge ever growing gap between J and C, not even sleeping in same bed anymore, and his constant presence at the brothal with women hanging all over him. I was looking forward to their excitement of a baby on the way but is seldom even mentioned. This season has been a huge dissapointment so far, except for costumes. Music a miss also. Will continue to rewatch season 1 episodes for my outlander fix and reread the books.

  7. One of the best episodes so far. Casting is spot on between Master Raymond, Fergus & Mother Hildegard. Expanding Murtagh’s character is brilliant. Gives his character more depth. Watching Claire & Jamie struggle with their daily lives in Paris for me is so intense. They are building up to explode. I can’t wait to see what comes for them next.

  8. The series is glorious. The costumes, props, settings are perfect and Murtagh is so handsome and witty.

  9. Great episode. The tension grows between Jamie and Claire even as you know they will find their way back to each other. Loved the Murtagh romance. Nice to see more of this character come to life.

  10. I love the 3 first episodes of S2 as much as I loved S1. I know it is a little bit different than in the book but Ron Moore will get there eventually as he explained. I already watched them over and over. People have to understand that it is not feasible to put in 16 episodes over 1000 pages.
    I also loved to hear Sam and Caitriona speak French which they do really well. I am a French speaker so it is nice to hear it. I love the costumes and humour but also to feel what Jamie is going through. I just love it all.

  11. By showing us the pain of J and C working without each other, it will be even more powerful when they com back together.

  12. Love that Murtagh is finally seen as a man not a monk. Then how again he supports Claire. The exchange between Fergus and Jamie I found funny. All in all the show was excellent, as expected.

  13. I am a devout fan of both books and televised drama. One request of the televised drama though: Could you leave the captions up a wee bit longer? At age 68 evidently my ability to read captions has slowed down.😊

  14. Dear Pamela – this is the beauty of this story. Jamie and Claire will always make their way back to one another. The journey is worth the wait. While I had a hard time reading Dragonfly and trying to put myself in that story, I finally was able to “get it” and then move along … Season Two is really a masterpiece of story-telling. Give it a bit more time. It will make sense to you. It has already made sense to me, and I am lovomg every second of it!

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  16. I liked the pacing of this episode better than the last one. I hate seeing the distance but I know that they will get through it. I agree that the casting has been fantastic! Love the sets, costumes and music! I do like the changes from the book, they seem to tell the story quicker and in a visual way way, rather than mentally painting the pictures. Loved how they introduced Fergus (and I am hoping Jamie’s sausage appears at some point, that was so funny!). I liked how Jamie watching him triggered his plan and he could put it into motion. I hate seeing Jamie just going through the motions and kind of a shell of who he really is. Claire also – glad she found her work. And I am waiting for them to reunite and become a force to be reckoned with! I am trying to keep the book and show separate and not compare too much though. I am glad that most of the new characters have been introduced now so we can move on with the story!

  17. Oh yes, I would love to see the sausage story appears on screen. This was very funny in the book.

  18. Pinned onto Outlander the Series.

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