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What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments!

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

43 responses to ““Not in Scotland Anymore” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. Loved Jamie and murtagh. They (the actors and characters) have wonderful chemistry and obvious affection and respect for each other. Their banter was so natural and effortless that I really believe they are father/son/best friends/brothers.

    Master Raymond was also great!

    Overall, episode was packed with threads of various plots and subplots but those threads were all tied together nicely.

  2. really liked it–it addressed Jamie’s issue in a realistic way-new characters were introduced and established in their coming roles; costumes out of this world; and set the tone for the upcoming episodes-have seen it 3x already going back for my 4th.

  3. Omg I enjoyed this episode so much, especially the honeypot line.. The best part! Oh plus when Claire wore the red dress and walked down the stairs and Jamie asked if she was mad lol… And Murtagh’s reaction.. I also loved seeing the Duke of Sandringham even though he is someone I’d love to hate, I actually like his character. He has such humor 😊

  4. Could not find it. I assume it doesn’t come on Stsrz until tonight for us.😞

    • If you have a starz subscription, you can watch it online now. If you don’t (or you have Amazon Prime or something else like that) then yes, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

  5. I thought this episode was done very, very well. Lots of humor, which is appreciated, and they managed to touch on the original story line with several quotes from the book. Sam Heughan is an amazing actor! One could really believe his portrayal of the effects of PTSD, and Caitriona is the perfect partner for him. Duncan LaCroix and Sam have great chemistry also. I loved the sword fight. Episode 1 had me in tears several times, this one had me laughing, and desperately wanting to comfort Jamie at the same time. Ron Moore and crew have done a spectacular job!

  6. I enjoyed it overall.I think Jamie’s displeasure with the red dress was under played and I much preferred the book’s way of describing the waxing. I would liked to have seen Jamie react as he did in book with remarks like, “your legs dinna smell etc. Plus I don’t think Jamie’s concern over effect of red dress, i.e. warning Clare to stay out of the private nooks and then coming in on the man trying to look down her dress, and throwing him in the fountain was played to the advantage of Jamie’s character either. He may not be making love to Claire yet but he still loves her enough to be jealous and protective. I do love how they’ve expanded Murtagh’s role, he’s awesome in the part. I was not enamored with the writer of this episode and found myself wondering if really understood the characters.

  7. I loved it. Jamie is heartbreaking and Claire is so patient. Loved Louise and Master Raymond. Did anyone notice in the dream sequence Jamie’s back did not have scars? He so desperately wants to be whole again.

  8. Considering the enormous challenge of fitting Book 2 into 13 hours of TV, I think Ron Moore did a good job of pulling out the essential elements we needed to establish to set the stage for the intrigue that is coming. Impossible to do everything in the same way as the book where Diana had all the time in the world. In one episode they made clear that Jamie can’t get BJR out of his mind and the PTSD is making it impossible for he and Claire to have a physical relationship. We also know that BJR is alive and well. It also introduces key players like Louise, Mary Hawkins, Alexander Randall, Master Raymond, Prince Charlie and King Louis. They packed a great deal into this episode and I am sure there was a lot that had to be edited out because of time constraints. The production value of this show is off the charts. The costumes (the nipple dress was amazing as were all of Claire’s costumes) the amazing sets, the music, the acting and direction – first rate. Waiting for STARZ to announce that there will be a Season 3. Don’t possibly know how they can do Voyager in one season. It is the longest of the 8 books and covers a great deal of territory.

    • I was lucky to be invited to an early screening of Episode 1 which was followed by a Q & A with STARZ reps. When asked if there would be a Season 3, the MC (I’m paraphrasing) said that it was a no-brainer given the success of the series, especially for boosting the network’s status and subscriptions ($$$). So, I’m pretty optimistic that I’ll see the printshop reunion in living color!

      • Sooooooo glad to get your info about a season 3 and maybe more? It has to be a no-brainer that they will continue but since Starz is reluctant to even inform the public of how many episodes will be in this second season – yes, 13 but will they all be back to back for 3 months+ or will they break it apart like season 1? I think Starz does themselves a disfavor not to be more forthcoming about the schedule. I remember being so disappointed in season 1 when they split it. I had mapped out my Saturdays to watch like a devoted avid fan but Starz renigged on their scheduling and I, along with many others, was
        devastated. If Starz doesn’t get it that this series is must-see TV for millions and even toys with only a fraction of the book series it will become one of the biggest mistakes ever made by TV. Outlander beats the socks off anything in theaters! It’s the very best hands down in eons.

        • I can’t remember if I heard this at the premiere or online somewhere, but I don’t believe they’ll be splitting the episodes this season.

  9. Loved Murtagh’s face when Annallise came up to Jamie at Versailles. Also, he was very expressive when Claire came down in her red dress and Jamie had to get him to quit staring at her bosom. Same thing happened when he was staring at the King’s mistress…strangest dress I’ve ever seen!
    One thing bothers me…Claire now knows that BJR is alive. She knows that Jamie will blow a gasket when he finds out. If he finds discovers that she knew and didn’t tell him, there is going to be major trouble. Why did they change the story line? Claire found out that BJR was alive the same time Jamie did in the book, right? They certainly don’t need another obstacle, considering their plate is full already.

  10. Agree with most everything stated above. Lots of material from the book included in this episode and so much to portray including what Jamie is suffering through as well as his becoming something other than the honorable man he has always tried to be. The new characters are fantastic and Terry and Gary have outdone themselves. I do seem to be having an issue with the writing on this one as someone else has also mentioned. Not quite sure what is bothering me about it so apologize for not being able to voice that. Maybe there was too much included within the show. Well it is a challenge trying to get it all in within 55 minutes, but the writing that Ron did on 201 felt more like Outlander/DIA than this one did. Other than that I just hate Sandringham character – such a sleazy fellow!

  11. Fantastic episode! Highlights for me (after viewing only once) include the Jamie/Murtagh relationship, the focus on Jamie rather than Claire (esp. Heughan’s sensitive portrayal of PTSD), Balfe’s stunned reaction to the news that BJR lives, well-chosen cast for Master Raymond, Louise, & other new characters, and finally seeing the Versailles sets.

    I have no problem with scenes and details altered or omitted from the books or specifically written for tv because I have a different perspective than many longtime devotees. I’ve read all of the books (in the past 2 months!!!), but I marathoned Season 1 before beginning “Outlander.” Given the challenges of adapting a long novel for tv, I think Moore & Co. deserve praise for combining the key plot points that will move the story forward with stunning costumes, sumptuous sets, & witty dialogue that draw in viewers. Bravo!

  12. Love, love, love it. Hysterical, and the red dress is a winner, Louise is a hoot and I love Cait and Rosie’s expressions during the waxing scene. I was laughing so hard my family was giving me the “she’s lost her mind look”. The honeypot scene was changed from the book but it was sweet and sad watching Jamie struggle to be intimate again.Enjoying the show and the differences from the book. Cait and Sam bring out the humor of Claire and Jamie. Cannot ask for more. Brava. Oh, Bonnie Prince Charlie is a schmuck.

  13. who wouldn’t love the waxing scene…worlds first Brazilian bikini wax…the look on Jamie’s face when he felt her…hilarious…

    christopher jennings
  14. OMG can Claire be any more beautiful than the red dress! And the beautiful blue and cream aunsamble,minus the hat. I don’t think she does hat’s very well. SO HOPE Murtagh continues to have a continued appearance in each episode this season. His character is a reminder of the Highlander culture that is sorrowful missed in this year’s plot. Wishing he would have a romance also.Master Raymond is perfect casting. I read somewhere that he is really Clairs Great ×2 Grandfather. I hope that plays into plot. So sorry that Jamie seems to have BJR in the bed with he and Claire. If Claire could keep Frank out of their love making Jamie should take her lead. Still not liking Jamie’s sissy hair style. Last year’s Jamies hair suited him much better, and no one wears a kilt like he does. Enjoyed bits and pieces of the book popping through. Both king and prince a dissapointment in casting. All in all a good episode and one I will rewatch until next episode. Much better than #1 last week. Bravo to costume design staff. Remarkable work on all. Enjoyed the humor about the ‘honey-pot’ suprise for Jamie. Hopefully the two love birds will find their spark soon. Their passion is a huge part of story. Fans who are totally vested into their life and love story, having overcome so many obsticals, need to be reassured of its strength.

  15. All comments above are fantastic! Thank you for all your inciteful views!!! For me – I watched Season One on Starz before reading the book. That set me up to a particular mindset about the story and characters. Of course, like anyone else who watched, I fell quickly in love with everyone. I then read the book … And marveled at how the characters were so amazingly and accurately portrayed. This opened that exciting world of Outlander – you know it – all of you – the coalescing of word and picture!!! When I started to read Dragonfly, I just could not transport myself into that world. I could not take our Jamie and Claire to Paris and assume those identities. It was a hard read for me – the first time through. It took me three readings to understand their journey. Yep, three! So now we have the new series on TV and I am so frigging impressed with how it is already enfolding. I know there are differences. But all the better for the story-telling. To me, it doesn’t stray so far off that I’m wondering what the heck are they playing at. Ron Moore and his amazing crew and Diana have created this new environment for our beloved characters that truly speaks to me. Even after just two episodes, I know that this season will not in any way disappoint or go off story in some weird way. I’m so embedded in this that if Starz decides not to renew this for many years, I may fall into a decline and one that I may not be able to climb out of. Starz, if you are reading any of these blogs, etc., you better take note. Your stock will plummet big time if you don’t see the importance of this series to millions – dare I say billions – of us. We want Voyager and the reunion in the print shop more than we want Christmas next year. Well done, cast, crew, production, design, costumes (shout out Terry) and every single person working on Outlander! Finally, dear Murtaugh – you are priceless. Sandringham – you are a snake. Claire – beautiful and a woman I would like to be. Jamie – the man I would like to nurse back to health and the only guy I would wax for. Thanks for the amazing journey!!!

  16. Never has time passed so quickly. What a tour de force for everyone. I can imagine the cast and crew viewing the final cut and yelling Yippee! Boy was that a romp. What a feast for the eyes as well as character introductions and development. I loved all of it. The New Look outfit that Claire wore to Master Raymond’s was spectacular right up to the hat. Kudos to the costumers for ALL the clothes. Can’t say enough. At this point I should say DIA was not my favorite book, but the series actually, to my mind, made it better. Some points are clearer, Jamie’s suffering more fraught. Just keeps getting better. And yes, Prince Charlie is a schmuck. Lol.

  17. I think it’s great that this fabulous show is so similar, but so different, from the books that a tv viewer reading them for the first time will recognize much, but find so many great surprises in store. Kudos to Diana, Ron, and everyone involved with this production. Favorite show ever!

  18. I swear Ep. 2 was 10 minutes long. Dazzling is putting it mildly. Claire’s black hat and dress were based on styles of the 40’s and I’ve seen that very hat and peplum style suits in magazines from that era. Read that since she’s a woman of the 40s the dress designs are based on that era for this season. Terry Dresbach should win everything for her abilities. The red dress and Claire in it–well, words fail.
    Like Claire, I’ll take Sam anyway I can get him..He’s a fascinatingly smart & good soul through and through, whatever hairstyle or clothing he wears. I have read all the books and wonder if the end of this season will leave us hanging on ’til Voyager..which, correctly stated, can’t or certainly shouldn’t be done in one season. The actors and crew are working most of eachl year on each season. Extraordinary for a TV series.
    Would be mental cruelty to divide the shows. Everyone involved has created a show of excellence for Starz. My main concern is that Sam Heughan’s acting abilities are being overlooked due to his unusually ingratiating, handsome self. He doesn’t look like the present generation of Hollywood actors nor does Balfe, making it all the more exceptional. It IS, hands down, the best show on TV.

  19. I was completely blown away by season 1. Then I read the book and marveled at how the book was adapted for TV. I watched all of season 1 again and I knew that the writers did an unbelievable job of telling the key points of the story thus drawing you in while balancing changes to the story. Next I read DIA. What drew me in immediately was learning about Brianna and that Clare had gone back. DIA starts and ends in 1968 with Claire, Brianna and Roger, who in my opinion should be played by Mathew Goode and yet there is no mention of Brianna and Roger – that is a pretty big change. I would have rather seen the section with Frank as a flash back as told to Briana and Roger. I particularly like the part of the book when the three of them go to St. Kilda’s and find the grave stones – I hope that does not get cut from the series.

    I am completely underwhelmed by the writing of the first 2 episodes of season 2. I suppose that changing Frank’s response to Claire’s return made us better understand how much he still loved her. Changing how Jared welcomes Claire and Jamie – not like in the book. The scenery, costumes and cast are beautiful but I think the story isn’t there – episode 2 just feels like a character study. To be honest, of all of the things to select, did we really need the waxing scene? Is it integral to the story? Funny, yes but unnecessary. Maybe I will feel differently as the season progresses.

    Karen Yarussi-King
  20. Enjoy what you all are saying, but, the books, the books should have all been read FIRST! Wonderfully adapted, bur so many plots and sub-plots to fill in what the screen-writers, with all the restrictions they have. just can’t be included!

    • I have read all of the books. And sorry, but still underwhelmed. Maybe if I had not have read the books, I would feel differently. I have just re-watched episode 2 and am just disappointed.

      • I respectively disagree. With all the plots, sub-plots and stories of DIA, I thought that Episode 2 was done really well. This episode introduces us to the key players (Charlie and the King) and gives us a glimpse at how Jamie has to play both men. Challenging for Jamie, to be sure. The waxing scene, I felt, was great. It showed us that, even way back in the 1700’s, some women opted for “extreme” measures to be feminine. Today, this is just a given for many. Not for me, but to those who do, nothing wrong with it. You are not alone, however, in your assessment. My BFF (a club member of our Club of Two) feels much the same as you. Whereas, I am fully on board with Season Two. It may be a slow burn – but never doubt that each episode will build to that raging inferno that we absolutely know will happen.

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  22. Love seeing everyone’s thoughts and opinions! Make me think of things in new and different ways! Well after the 1st watching (cause you know I’ll watch it at least 2x more)… I’m struggling to find the words for what I am…disappointed / underwhelmed / ?? I can’t quite put my finger on it. There were many things I loved. The actors were amazing, the costumes were fantastic(even if i had problems with them), the sets and staging were incredible. So that leaves the script as my issue I guess. Yes there is a ton in book 2…so I get there must be changes. And it’s TV not the book. It just felt really rushed, and so much was briefly touched on and not fleshed out that I think I was left feeling “that’s it?! That’s all they’re going to do in this scene?!” And some of it was way too much. Yep the king was constipated… we get it, but didn’t really need that much of the show devoted to it LOL. AND it bugged me that they were doing all this during the party. It was weird that it wasn’t his morning “toilet” that was attended by all. Been a while since I read the book, so maybe I’m wrong and I understand they have to change things in order to get it all in the show, but it bothered me. My costume issues were that the red dress was SO different from all the rest in style / color etc… when it was supposed to be a “color of the season” (though it was gorgeous outside of my issues on how it should have been portrayed and wanted more of Jamie’s reaction to it) and the “nipple dress” was way over the top…. yes it was supposed to be, but still didn’t care for it, even though from a ‘technical costume pov it was amazing. Nor do I feel that they adequately touched on that it was his mistress and that was why she was where she was and dressed how she was. SO lots I loved… but some things that have tarnished it a bit. Can’t wait to see where we go from here.

  23. I’m a HUGE fan of the show, I think it is amazing. They’ve done an incredibly good job of getting a very complicated story on screen. And I have a huge amount of respect for the producers, as this is a difficult show to produce. However, I am a fluent French speaker, and I’ve been absolutely appalled by some really obvious and careless French language, grammar, and pronunciation errors on the part of Claire and Jamie (who are both suppopsed to be fluent French speakers). With the amount of money spent on this show, and the number of French actors and extras on set– how is it possible for there to be so many errors in the language !!!! I found it distracting and annoying. (i.e. Claire refers to Louise as “Marquis” instead of “Marquise”– in other words, she calls Louise a man. Claire says “Je ne serais longue” for ” I won’t be long” which is like a bad Google translation. She basically said I won’t be long as in six feet long. Long in “time” is “longtemps” not “longue.” And Jamie’s pronouciation of French words is mostly incorrect throughout all his French speeches). Am curious how French fans will respond to the fact that their language has been butchered. Also, the date stamp of 1745 is INCORRECT, and should have been corrected before airing the show. Again, I love this show and am a huge fan, but I can’t understand how these careless mistakes were allowed to remain in the final edit without being corrected…

  24. PS– Also, in addition to my French language criticism above– I find it wrong that Claire repeatedly says to Jamie “It’s OK, It’s OK.” In 1745, Jamie would have no idea what “OK” is. Also, OK is an Americanism. I live in London, and even to this day, Brits don’t say “OK” very much. They will usually say “all right” rather than OK. This is a careless Americanism, revealing that the scriptwriters are American…

    • I don’t speak French, so I can’t comment on what was said or not said. But, I did find that Claire’s use of OK was questionable. Just like the silver pushpins on Reverand Wakefield’s wall of papers, etc. – should have been tacks. Oh well, some things just are … And we have to go with it.

      • As I mentioned, I adore the show- I’m extremely grateful that the producers have done a wonderful job in general. But for me (and any fluent French speaker) the language errors are incredibly jarring. They went to such huge effort to get the French settings and costumes right- they should have had a French person listen to the final cut. It would have been extremely easy to have the actors dub over to correct the errors (that’s an easy thing to do and is done all the time). I hope the “OK” was just a one-off, but I am concerned that the rest of the French episodes will continue to butcher the language.. (but fingers crossed that it gets better)

        • Yes, I can understand what you are saying. I know so many people watched Season One because of their Scottish heritage and appreciated the accuracy of the portrayal of the time, scenery, customs, and certainly the Gaelic language. Now here we are in France, and I believe that there is a huge audience of French-fluent fans who undoubtedly expect the same quality of care given to, at the very least, the language. I hope it does get better!

  25. Waiting for the discussion of Episode Three ….

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