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Here is a new interview with Sam Heughan from Yahoo TV


From Yahoo TV :

Although Claire’s #RedDress moment was the standout scene in the second episode ofOutlander’s sophomore season, her husband Jamie made an equally bold, if far less glamorous, move. Pursuing their plan to change the course of history by defunding theJacobite rebellion — thus preventing the Battle of Culloden, which effectively ended Highlander culture — the Frasers (Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan) finagle an invitation to a lavish royal ball held at King Louis XV’s court at Versailles. Their hope is to secure an audience with the French minister of finance, and encourage him against directing money towards Charles Stuart and his doomed campaign to win back the throne of England.

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But thanks to the timely (and awkward) arrival of Jamie’s old flame, Annalise de Marillac (Margaux Chatelier), the Scotsman comes face-to-face with a personage higher than the minister of finance: King Louis himself (Lionel Lingelse). Annalise leads her ex to the royal bedroom, where the king is being dressed in preparation to make his grand entrance. When Jamie enters the chamber, though, he instead sees Louis sitting on a throne of a different sort. Apparently, his royal bowels are backed up and getting them to move is an ongoing issue. “Do you not see how I suffer?” Louis moans to a roomful of onlookers, who can only offer such unhelpful advice as “relax” and “concentrate.” “I am cursed,” France’s monarch concludes after another bout of straining fails to fill the royal chamber pot.

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