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From IGN:

Black Jack Randall is always bad news for the Frasers.

Spoilers after the jump!

The monster who haunts the dreams of Jamie Fraser isn’t as dead as the Scotsman and his wife Claire might have hoped. Even worse, Claire can’t reveal to her husband that the man who raped and tortured him, Black Jack Randall, is still alive.

In the second episode of Outlander: Season 2, Claire comes face-to-face with Black Jack’s younger brother, Alex Randall, and learns that the garrison commander survived the bull stampede at Wentworth Prison. Not only is she immediately concerned for her husband’s safety and wellbeing, but she also has to grapple with what Black Jack’s survival means for her other husband, Frank Randall.

“It’s such a catastrophic event in a way, but then it brings up all this stuff about Frank and what does it mean if [Black Jack] is not dead?” Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire, said in a recent interview. “It’s weird because she’s not thinking rationally, in a way. It’s a very emotional reaction, of course, which is understandable. Her first concern is Jamie. What is he going to think? Is this going to make things worse? And I think she expects that. She expects that this will break him because she’s watched him struggle with the demons of what happened, and she’s hoping that he’s making his way out of it.”

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