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Wow!  What a great way to end Droughtlander!  I was in a theater with several hundred other fans in NYC watching Outlander 2.1 on the big screen!  I was amused when we all sighed, giggled, and cheered at the same time! All around me fans were murmuring , ” Oh, Frank you’re breaking my heart”.  Like Frank or dislike Frank, you have to admit it was a powerful performance and, in my opinion,  a powerful adaptation. Ron Moore’s version of Diana Gabaldon’s story left me convinced that Frank, at least on some level, believed Claire’s story, “it’s a wonderful example of 17th century clothing, where did you get it?”  Where indeed.  I walked out of that theater with some very happy and excited fans.  We just all knew this was gonna be good.

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So, I’m back to looking forward to the next episode!  We are back in France with our couple who have begun to plot how they are going to infiltrate and mess up the Jacobites’ plans.  One of my favorite Jamie scenes in this episode was his interacting with his cousin Jared.  This was another example of how patient the show is being with Jamie’s character.  They continue to slowly reveal more and more about him, peeling back the layers if you will.  Last night, I had the chance to watch the show with my husband. During this scene, I turned to him and remarked, “That is great. The are showing him thinking on his feet! ”  We were shown a bit of this in The Reckoning when Jamie convinced his Uncle to give Dougal the money. We are going to see more incidents where we see how quickly he assesses situations and people.  Claire is always remarking about how much quicker he catches on than she does.   The show will reveal yet another side to this complicated and fascinating character.  We are going to get to see the beginnings of the man we all know Jamie becomes, a leader, a man among men, a man who is clever and calculating when he needs to be.  Up until this point we sort of see Claire taking the reins, deciding for them in the wake of Jamie’s  experience with Black Jack.  But, we are about to see a Jamie who can take the reins and navigate the rocky terrain of the French court as well as he did the craggy Scottish countryside.


Until the show, I never really thought of the dual purpose their attempts to change history served.  Not only are they trying to stop the destruction of the Highland culture, but I wonder if Claire is aware that she is occupying her traumatized husband, giving him a purpose that will distract him, giving him less time to think on Wentworth. Because, it is obvious he is far from healed, “Sometimes I feel his touch”.  I’m so glad they are keeping it real and showing him continuing to struggle.  As a book reader, we know Jamie struggles his whole life with what happened to him there.


I’m expecting we’ll also be seeing some iconic scenes from the book this upcoming episode.  Despite already having seen the red dress (in person squeeeeee), I am looking forward to the awe Jamie feels when he first sees Claire in that dress and his consternation, LOL!  I am anticipating laughing out loud when he asks her to get a bigger fan!


We are about to see 1740’s Paris!  Je Suis Prest, ya all!  I’m blown away by the details on the costumes Terry Dresbach, costume designer for the show has shared. But, after hearing her explain the inspiration for Claire’s costumes I’m absolutely in awe again.  How genius was it to make Claire stand out (like a fish out of water) by having her clothes reflect the era she is from! 1740’s spin on 1940’s spin on the 1700’s! Ahhhmazing!


From all accounts, Jon Gary Steele, Outlander production designer,  has created a world that will suspend our disbelief.  I was so impressed with his presentation at the Television Academy’s Panel: From Scotland to Paris: a behind the scenes Journey with Outlander. I am continually amazed at his artistry and ingenuity.  A star chamber? The wonderful apothecary shop? And, that gate  I’ll have once I buy my estate? Magical. Immersive.


Scotland is behind us for now, but that doesn’t mean things are going to get any easier for our trio.  Things might seem more luxuriant, but they won’t be in less danger.  Treasonous actions are not something to be taken lightly and neither are politics whether its Scotland, France or (Please God let them get more seasons) the American colonies. New intrigue and new characters await us all dressed in period costume and living in fantastic sets in beautiful locations. The cherry on top of my Outlander sundae will be meeting wee Fergus and I hope it is in this next episode. He is one of my favorites of all of Diana’s many delightful characters.


So, I’m planning a little soiree for next week’s episode. I can’t imagine topping the great weekend I had in NYC Tartan Week (more about that later), but I kind of like the idea of celebrating every time Outlander is on my TV.  It was a loooonnnggg drought.   How about you?

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    My new post is up on Outlander Online…looking ahead to 2.2!

  2. Excellent post! I, too, was in NY this weekend (I’m in the photo you posted!), and my passion for all things OL grows with each episode.

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  4. I had my soiree last weekend (or else I’d have been in NYC!) so I’m planning to relax and indulge in 3 back to back viewings, with a good deal of Scapa!

    One thing I’d like to point out (that I have not read mentioned anywhere) in terms of Jamie’s recovery from what happened at Wentworth, it’s only been about a week or two in their time (not sure how long they were at the ‘show Abby’ since it was before the voyage and not after, but it would have taken no more than a week to sail from Scotland to Le Havre, right?). I say all that because I, too, am very happy that the show will be taking its time with the recovery and I say “nertz” to those media outlets complaining that they are “dragging it out”. Just ranting. Of course YOU get it. LOL

    • I think this is going to be better than any of us anticipated!

    • Actually, I thought they flew over the recovery on the screen when compared to the book. His recovery was very intense in the Abbey and it took Claire quite awhile to bring him though the darkness, and very physical. I’ve always thought it was a very important time in their lives; an extension of proving their commitment and love. But I also realize there is so much to do in a season that the series will have to cut some things back and even some little quirky things out completely. I still love every second of it! Well done everyone!

  5. You may have noticed that after discussing their plans in their room, Clair made a weak attempt to move into kissing Jamie but he moved away suddenly because he couldn’t do it. I think her job is far from done.

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  7. If you read books you know he believed her…..he prepared Brianna for possible travel

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