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From People Style

[…] But as long as he’s a Fraser, he’s keeping his now-signature color — the actor says he dyes his hair bright red about every two episodes to keep the color fresh, and when he’s not filming, Heughan says his hair maintenance tends to be pretty simple upkeep, including Hollywood’s most controversial men’s hairstyle: the man bun.

“Well, it’s pretty much however it looks in the morning with some good [styling] products, which makes it look a little bit more manageable,” he says, adding that he’ll rock a man bun when necessary (see here, here and here). “I love a man bun. I think it’s become quite fashionable, hasn’t it? A lot of men love it,” he says. “You need a beard so it’s all quite slick and you tie it back so it’s all well-manicured. But no, I think I’m very practical when it comes to the man bun.”

You can read the whole interview here

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  2. That is our Sam! God bless him

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