New BTS Still of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser   3 comments

Here is a NEW BTS still of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser

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Source : Outrlander_STARZ

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  2. After watching season 2 opener and reading several online explanations as to the direction it is headed I am feeling a bit dissapointed in what to expect. First and foremost Jamie’s beauty in his kilt and garb that goes with it. He has a completely different swagger wearing it and wears it so well plus I think his mussed red curls are his best hair look. Not diggen the sissy Jamie at all. As beautiful as Clairs gowns must be this season I think she carries the Scottish frock off beautifully and love, as does Jamie, those soft loose curls around her face or just loosely tossed. Trying to warm up to everyone’s idea of “give Frank a chance” but see Black Jack and wish for more Claire and Jamie.I.almost wish I didn’t read ahead in the DG book series. Finishing Voyager and have read 1-3 three times . I hope there will be a new season per book each year and am living for the two best parts of book 3 to be played. Clairs return to Jamie 20 yr later and the scene at LollyBrook when Jamie and Claire come to blows over Leogerie. I have all the books but will hold back on reading them until this season presents itself. A true fan whatever and will continue to watch season 1 episodes daily and any time there is a marathon, esp the wedding. Also hope the lovable characters from Castle Loch will pop up occasionaly. Esp Willie, Rupert, and Hamish.

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