Ron D. Moore’s Podcast for Episode 2×01 of Outlander “Through a Glass, Darkly”   4 comments

Here is the new podcast for episode 2×01 of Outlander “Through a Glass, Darkly”

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Click on the pic or click here to listen to the podcast

4 responses to “Ron D. Moore’s Podcast for Episode 2×01 of Outlander “Through a Glass, Darkly”

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  1. I love the books and series of Claire and Jamie’s amazing journey. Can’t help feeling dissapointed Claire has returned to Frank, my least likable character so far, and hope this season will still focus on Jamie, Claire,and Murtaw in France. Looking forward to the new character line up but will so miss the beautiful characters of her other life, especially the 3 stooges Angus, Rupert, and Willie. I imagine this book, DIA, would have been difficult to transform to the screen and as I am rereading it #4 time trying to read between the lines for any hints missed when read before. I didn’t start reading the beautifully written books until after season one making it possible to put visual refrence to characters and situations not to mention beautiful locations. Reading books 1-3 since last season 3 times I am debating weather to read farther until series catches up, knowing turn of events to expect. Looking forward to the introduction of Fergus and Mr. Raymond, who I read on a book review website is Clairs 2×great grandfather. I will always love the 1700 Claire so much more than 1900 Claire and continue to watch reruns of season 1 on a daily basis. How could she have ever been attracted to Frank continues to plague my interest in story line. Trusting the fantastic writing skills of Mr. Moore I will keep an open mind for the new season and hopefully his storytelling will pull me back into the beauty of Outlander. Gratitude to all the actors and behind the seen staff who share their amazing skills in bringing the story to life for us.

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