“Through a Glass, Darkly” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*   35 comments


What did you guys think of the episode? What was your favorite scene? We’d love to hear from you guys. Let us know in the comments!

Since we try to keep our twitter and Facebook spoiler free for those who haven’t seen the episode yet, we created a post where people can discuss the new episode. So feel free to discuss away in the comments!

***For those who haven’t seen the episode the comments will contain spoilers***

35 responses to ““Through a Glass, Darkly” Discussion Post – Come Discuss With Us! *SPOILER WARNING*

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  1. I was a mess the entire first half especially when they transitioned between timelines! I was a mess! The scenes with C&F heartbreaking! And Murtagh. He wants to know and I’m so excited to see his reaction! Loved how Claire confided in Mrs. Graham but I was upset about Frank burning her clothes.

  2. Loved it of course. Tried very hard to feel for Frank but I suppose I’m soured on him from the books? Will be watching a 3rd time during the official airing to see what else I’ve missed.

    Did they land in NYC or Boston? My DGF and I argued for 5 minutes about the skyline.

    Pondering how they are going to get the book into 13 episodes.

  3. Oh Lawd I about had a heart attack when she went to pull that ring off!!!!!

    Agree – why did he burn the clothes?! 😕

    • You and me bother. It’s midnight and my house is dark and I was screaming at the tv “Don’t you freaking dare!” Lol.

      1 thing is for certain, those of us that have read the books can certainly tell that they’re trying desperately to humanize Frank, but it only worked a little on me. Lol

      • That’s funny, that was the part that really got to me., too. Was screaming NO NO! I know it has been reported in interviews that they love Tobias and wanted to expand his role for season 2. And the portrayal was superb. I just don’t like Frank ! When he growled and got mad at Claire I thought, aha there you are you bastard JBR!

  4. I reread DIA in preparation for the new season – it had been some time since I’d read all the books.
    I absolutely loved the first half of the show – Claire returning to the 20th Century. Her devastation and grief was heartfelt. Frank’s reaction – all of those emotions he went through – he was amazing! I was wondering how Claire’s return was going to be handled. (Let me just say this – what a lucky lady Claire is – to have two beautiful, amazing men adore her and willing to move heaven and earth to make her happy – I need to ask.. where do you find these guys? )
    My absolute favorite scene is the joining of hands – Claire extending her hand to Frank – and joined by Jamie. That was awesome! Great job transitioning.

  5. It was interesting Ronald Moore preferred to start in 1948 instead of 1968. It gave the opportunity of seeing a grieving Claire: It was impressive how she reacted to Frank’s nearness: she has a confusion between Frank and his ancestor, Black Jack. My favorite scene was when Frank extended his hand towards Claire and, when she decided to reach him, we are transported to 1744. It is interesting and it remembered me some Latin American short stories that changed place in the middle of a line, transporting you to another time.

    Helena A Alfonzo
  6. I’ve never felt much sympathy for Frank from reading the books — despite Diana’s very well-reasoned defense of him — but my heart just broke for him in this episode. And it broke for Claire. In fact, it broke for all of them. That moment when Jamie went to kiss Claire, but couldn’t go there…just so painful. The acting was positively glorious from beginning to end.

  7. I thought they did an incredible job with the first episode. You know, Claire did love Frank and he loved her. So I thought it was appropriate to give them the time. Frank certainly has taken on some of BJ characteristics. I knew the ring wasn’t going to come off. But why were the clothes burned except to make some point that the past was the past? The transition from getting to Boston and getting to France was beautifully done. Good job, Ron, on that! i agree with poster above – how will they get this all in 13 episodes? Can’t the powers that be realize that we need 26 weeks? ❤️

  8. I watched the episode the other night when Starz On Demand put it up early. What an incredible episode! I was screaming at my TV screen when she started to remove Jamie’s ring. But I knew she couldn’t take it off. After watching it, I thought it was visually stunning. Jamie & Claire acted more like a real married couple to me than they did in season 1. It was an absolutely incredible episode! If this episode is any indication, the rest of season 2 is gonna be amazing!! So glad Outlander is back!!! I missed this show so much!!

  9. So glad the show is back! The cinematography was beautiful, as were the costumes in both centuries. Wonderful dialogue in the France scenes.

    Was glad to see Mrs. Graham and thought it was completely plausible that she was fully on board with Claire’s story of love from the 18th century. Was not so plausible that Frank would be so open to Claire’s story. They made Frank’s reaction of acceptance just like Jamie’s and, for this story to make any sense (why she’d stay in the 18th century) there has to be distinction between the relationships.

    I really wish Frank’s reaction had been closer to what it was in the books, which was far more realistic. Instead, they transferred all his anger to Claire, who expressed everything he should have been feeling (and did, in the book) while he insisted none of it mattered. He only gets upset when he finds out she’s pregnant. Really? The guy who on their honeymoon accused her of cheating would be totally ok with his wife leaving him to be with another man for 2.5 years. They made him a saintly martyr vs. a flawed human like every other character in the series. Be interesting to see how this is woven throughout the season bc I’m sure we’ll get lots of Frank.

    • I disagree. I think it was very subtle. When he closed the door and started to lay out his conditions you could see that his words of acceptance did not reflect his inner feelings. Just as Claire’s words of “moving on” appeared improbable. There were so many subtle nuances in this episode between all three actors. It was just brilliant and promises Emmy nominations….I Hope!

      • Yeah, burning the clothes was sort of subtle but this show isn’t known for subtlety (see continued employment of VO) so I think their primary goal was to portray Frank as sympathetic. Another example of subtlety is later in the episode when Jared explains that Germain is now their enemy when we already knew that based on Germain’s own words.

  10. I think Ron Moore did a brilliant job writing this episode using references in this and other books as his foundation to show us what happened when Claire returned to Frank. I love that Frank has been expanded from the books. It makes one understand why Claire never took off his wedding ring, why she still cherished her memories of him and why she went to great lengths to insure that his future existence would not be jeopardized by Jack Randall dying prematurely. He is a good man (not a perfect one) and he loves Claire unconditionally. Yes, he asked if that Highlander looking up at her window may have been someone wanting to reconnect (he did not accuse her of anything) but he also said that even if she sought comfort during the 5 years of their separation, that it didn’t matter, he loved her no matter what. He has carried that theme into this episode. Of course it would be difficult for a 20th century historian like himself to get his head around the time travel story, but I love that Mrs. Graham had told him her theory and that he had that clothing authenticated which gave him food for thought. In Jamie’s world, it was common belief that people traveled through the stones, so it was therefore easier for Jamie (who also said he didn’t understand it one bit,) to believe Claire. Much harder for a Brit in the 20th century to accept. Frank is doing his best not to dismiss it entirely and again, he declares that he loves Claire unconditionally and that they have a chance for a life together. Jamie is gone, he is there and he is wants a life with her badly enough that he is willing to raise another man’s child but only as his own and not with the shadow of Jamie coming between him and the child (a reasonable condition). Claire gave Frank the clothes as a symbol of leaving the past behind and I think she fully expected that they would be burned. Why save them? It would imply that she might need them again in the future and negate her declaration that it was time to let the past go. I loved the transition with Frank reaching out to Claire and then Jamie doing the same, each inviting her to take that last step into a new beginning. It was inspired. Clearly BJR haunts both Claire and Jamie and will continue to do so for the rest of their lives. I love Stanley Weber as Le Comte St. Germaine. Devastatingly handsome but also frightening. Can’t wait for the rest of the season.

    • I’m an avid fan of the books, and have had a difficult time reconciling myself to some of the changes that seemed absurd–the wedding ring change, the making of Leoghaire into a key character, Frank, etc. …However must say that I thought Ron Moore’s transition in Season 2 was brilliant. In the books, Claire’s return was referenced in various parts, but to have it put to us all at once gave it an impact and grounding of why the story turns the way it does, especially for folks that are not Readers, so that they have an opportunity to understand what is at play since they can’t read Claire’s thoughts as the volumes do.

      The clothes? If Frank was the historian he was supposed to be, then, like the Rev Wakefield’s office, should have chosen to give the clothes to the University, especially since they were authenticated and the curator asked Frank where they came from. A historian would never had burned them.

      I also think that Frank has become a more key role to justify (SPOILER!!!) why Claire demands that Jamie spare his life later in the Season. They have to show his importance to her and her leanings toward the dynastic and historian undertones.

      What I still find unsettling is that Ron and Co have redesigned Jamie’s character and made him less decisive, less strong and less of a “presence” than he is in the stories. It minimizes him. The books often referenced that Jamie’s experiences, education (he was a man educated in France and stayed with Jared while there) made him mature beyond his years. In Lallybroch, he came across as a whiny, petulant child, one I was embarrassed for! In this episode, Claire came across as bullying, when in fact it was Jamie AND Claire who were a joint force for this idea of changing history. That is a running concept–can history be changed?–and is referenced throughout the volumes.

      Overall an A+ for the first half, B+ for Jamie’s characterization. I’m looking forward to the upcoming episodes!

  11. I’ve seen the initial episode several times since it became available on demand and there’s a lot there that can’t be caught in one viewing. If this is any indication, each episode this season will be packed! There are lines that Claire says to Jamie that Frank says to Claire. It looks like the 18th century dress is the one Claire wore during The Search – the busk is the same. As for characterizations, if Tobias didn’t get the recognition he deserved for Black Jack, he should for this episode. One word – brilliant. Oh! And little Roger! How could you see a child so dear and not want something like that for your own?
    I have read Diana’s books and she is right, the books and the series are two different entities. I believe what the series does is use the sensibility if they cannot use the plot per se and this episode shows that.

    • “…the busk is the same”- reve bentley…Watching Frank place the shift into the flames, with the busk visibly near at hand risking same made my heart stop and leap towards the screen to protect Terry Dresbach’s beautiful creation!
      Agree with most comments above, Tobias’ heart rending performance in “Through a glass darkly” is worthy of professional recognition. Moore’s choice of transitional scene between centuries was brilliant! The entire cast, production and series is living up to hoped for expectations! More, please!

  12. I really liked that they showed Claire looking for and finding the ring that was Jamie’s father’s…….the one that had the large ruby stone in it that was now missing. Little details like that are what makes this show so amazing.

    Janice R Puckett
    • Yes, the ruby ring reference was great, especially with the stone missing, because they can later reference the (SPOILER!) need to travel with stones and “steering”

  13. I loved every minute of it ~ brilliantly done ~ kudos to Ron More etal

  14. Fantastic, fabulous, superb! Tobias’ performance was great. I thought the storyline really set it up for the season. Cait and Sam, as always, were wonderful to watch.

  15. Frank’s unconditional love sure has a lot of conditions and terms! Lovely to see St. Francis back in all his supportive glory, holding all the cards and taking charge while Claire just follows along and agrees to everything. Including willingly ripping knowledge of her child’s heritage from her. Wonderful.

  16. I loved how they told the story in the beginning for those who have not read the books. The pain in Clair’s eyes was heartbreaking! I am so glad it is back!!!

  17. First, let me say that I’m beginning the 6th book of the Outlander series. My husband asked if the 1st episode of Season 2 was like the 1st episode in Season 1, full of beauty of the highland mountains in the opening scene & JAIME/Claire galloping through the glade, & full of anticipation at what on earth would be happening to Claire next. I told him what I could without revealing any spoilers that the 1st episode of Season 2 will seem dull in color, somewhat disjointed feeling to him, BUT it will soon transition into a world vividly & spectacularly full of color & opulence; full of intrigue & speculation; that I thought it was brilliant the way they began the way they did, & he would understand as the episodes continue. SO, my knowing what is happening in the books gave me a sense in this 1st episode of excitement as if I were turning a corner without knowing what I will run into. I liked that feeling! Thank you writers & actors for keeping the global phenomenon of Outlander the most exciting series of my life!

  18. Great start to the season. Teared up several times in scenes with Frank and Claire. Differences from the book only enhance the story. Loved it!

  19. Loved the episode! The beginning was a surprise, even though I read the book twice, first when it was published, and then last year to catch up. Actually, reread all of them last year. 8000 pages in 5 months! Yes I am quite proud of myself. Did NOT like the subtitles.I hope the whole Paris season is not like that. You can’t enjoy was happening on the screen if you’re reading. Loved how the transition was written and performed. Catriona Balfe was well over the top in her performance. She is so beautiful! Now-my favorite actress. And Sam-we’ll he’s just gorgeous to look at. But I’m not going to slight him. Fantastic! Duncan Lacroix gets kudos as well. Ron, Maril, Terri, Bear, you and actually the whole team have been able to produce quality work that you deserve to be proud of. From all of us die-hard fans, Thank You!!!!!!

  20. Oops. I made an inexcusable mistake. If it weren’t for Diana we wouldn’t have anything! I’m so sorry Diana. You get 5 stars, a million sunshines, a thousand smileys, one hundred high fives, 500 puppies and kittens, etc. etc. etc.

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  22. I love all you writers and critiquers of our beloved books and t.v. series, Outlander. I have never felt such emotion before; for instance, when Claire came down the ramp, I felt somewhat annoyed that she gave Frank that special smile, then Jamie was revealed, and I honestly burst into loud sobs (glad I was alone in room). Oh, Jamie’s (Sam’s) face, beauty personified.

    When I thought about Frank’s “conditions” I thought of that other Scot …. Robert Burns. In his Ode to a Mousie, he writes part of a sentence “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray” I can just see Frank possibly seeing a plaintive look on Claire’s face, and knowing she is thinking of Jamie, and his “plans” will go astray. Why is Diana so incredibly hard on Jamie ….. 7 years in a cave, more years in yet another prison, physical pain … I hate it. But I love the series.

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