New Still of Stanley Weber as Le Comte St. Germain   3 comments

Here is a NEW still of Stanley Weber as Le Comte St. Germain

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  1. For an author who is known for her painstaking research & attempts at authenticity I am surprised (& rather angry!) that Ms. Gabaldon clearly did NO research whatsoever re: the REAL Comte de Saint Germain &, in fact, slandered him beyond all recognition of his VERY REAL self! I, however, HAVE researched him extensively & would defend his honor by telling the TRUTH about him! Le Comte was known to be a very generous, kind, caring man who spent the greater part of his life attempting to be of service to humanity. One of his passions was the manufacture of good but affordable dyes for fabrics, so that the the common person could wear clothes as beautiful as those of the aristocracy. He GAVE away precious gems, paintings by very famous people, & cures to many ailments (NOT poisons, as Ms. Gabaldon falsely accuses him of!). He was a healer, a great humanitarian & lover of animals. He NEVER married, he was NOT French (he was Hungarian), he was NEVER a practitioner of black magic/occultism. The truth about him may be found in 2 books: “The Comte De Saint Germain – Last Scion of the House of Rakoczy” by Jean Overton Fuller, & “Comte De St. Germain” by Isabel Cooper-Oakley. He may be dead for over 200 yrs. & not here to defend his true character, but that is no reason to sully & besmirch the man he ACTUALLY was! I’m thoroughly DISGUSTED by the gross mis-characterization being presented in this season’s “Outlander” & will NOT be buying the book this is based on. Shame on you, Ms. Gabaldon! It’s a sin to bear false witness (slander), you know!!

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