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From Yahoo Postmortem:

Warning: This postmortem for the “Through A Glass, Darkly” episode of Outlander contains episode, series, and even a few book spoilers.

Outlander executive producer Ronald D. Moore knows he’s probably gonna get some hate mail from the book purists now that one of the biggest secrets of Season 2 is out of the bag.

Spoilers after the jump!

“There are still people who are mad about the wedding ring, and that was a fairly small change compared to restructuring the order of book two, starting in the 1940s instead of the 1960s, and enlarging Frank’s part to make him largely more sympathetic,” Moore says. “But I feel good about the changes we made, and I am well aware after doing Battlestar Galactica and Season 1 of this that you are never going to make 100 percent of the people happy 100 percent of the time. That is just how it goes.”

Maybe it would help the haters to know that their spirit animal, author Diana Gabaldon, is still singing the praises of the TV team, even more so than last year given that she wrote an episode and feels more a part of said creative crew, and is not only fine with the adjustments that were made, but she actually thought it was a “good way to handle a complicated story” given the restraints of episodic television.

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  1. I am somewhat disappointed with Ron’s adaptation of “Dragonfly In Amber”, probably because I am a dedicated fan of the books. I am also, aware of the complexity of this particular book and therefore am going to hang in there and see what happens with the story next. There is one question I would like answered, however. Why did season 1 rate 16 episodes and season 2 gets 13? Dragonfly is a much bigger book with a bigger story than Outlander. Perhaps you could have done a better job with more episodes?

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