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Here’s a new interview of Sam Heughan with Refinery29


Later, talking to Heughan as he eats salad from a Tupperware container between scenes, the Scottish actor shrugs off his new status as a heartthrob. The real babe, he told Refinery29, is Jamie.

“I guess I’m doing well and they [fans] like the character Jamie, and I’m just lucky to play that character,” he demurred, his accent much softer in real life than Fraser’s thick burr. “Yeah, I’m lucky because he’s a great character to play. He’s admirable, isn’t he? He’s a bit of a hero, but also has this sort of sensitive side. We get to see the size of him in season 2.”

You can read more from the interview at the source

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    I’m very excited to watch season two! Though I didn’t read the books, I’m hooked on Sunday nights to watch this period style time travel saga. They are going to Paris, so now I’m super excited. All the best for a great season. 😊

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