New Interview with Terry Dresbach and Catriona Balfe from US Weekly   2 comments

Here is a NEW interview with Terry Dresbach and Caitriona Balfe from US Weekly


From US Weekly :

The lady in red is finally entering the building!

After what feels like an endless wait, the second season ofOutlander will finally premiere on Saturday, April 9. And with the move from Scotland’s Highlands to Paris’ high society, there’s one thing we’re particularly excited for: the costumes!

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Claire (Caitriona Balfe) is leaving the tartan-accented earth tones behind in favor of stunning couture. “We made 10,000 garments this season,” costume designer Terry Dresbach tells Us. “Not only [did we] tackle those kinds of numbers, but those garments had to be heavily, heavily embellished. There’s lace, there’s embroidery.… It was a very complicated process.”

And that’s without factoring in the pressure from the massive fan base (who she chats with daily via Twitter and her blog). One dress, in particular, that the fans are itching to see in action: Claire’s plunging crimson ball gown.

“I knew how important that dress was. I knew it was important to the fans,” the designer explains. “But I also know that I have to design the best dress that I think is going to work on screen.”

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