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From Parade:

Claire may be feeling quite frustrated at court, but she looks marvelous while there. The costumes in Season 2 are magnificent and costume designer Terry Dresbach has done herself proud. Each gown that Claire wears is more elegant than the previous one, and the designs truly capture the feel of Louis’ court.

“There is a reason why women do not wear corsets and massive gowns like that anymore,” Balfe answers when asked if wearing them was difficult. “The red dress was gorgeous, but I had to perfect the art of walking sideways because it was 4-feet 2-inches wide.  I probably wouldn’t be able to get through a door. It’s funny, the character and I had a similar journey with those costumes, because, I think, in the beginning it was so fun to let Claire explore her femininity and have this moment where she could be luxurious and play around with design and costumes. And for me, obviously, they’re each so beautiful that it was really fun in the beginning to have these beautiful new clothes to wear, but they’re not comfortable, and when you’re in them for 13 hours of the day, it takes a toll.”

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